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Photography MarketerFEATURED ARTICLE:

RULE #1 For A Successful Photography Business

by: Charles J. Lewis
m.photog., cr.

There are very specific, proven "Rules For Success" in the Photography Business.  Rules that took me years to discover, test and refine.

You want to build your photography business – make more money, with less work and stress, even during challenging economic times, so it's critical you know these "Rules" and use them to your advantage EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

But they don't teach these Rules in school.  And even if you read lots of books, you won't read about these rules very often either.  Plus, your competition doesn't know these rules, so you'll have a great "leg up" over everyone else in your market area.

In the next few Quick Tips, I'll be revealing these "Rules" to you and explaining how you can use each one to further your financial success in your photography business.

Let's get started:

Photo Success Rule #1:  You don't build a successful photography business by chasing after prospects and having them decide whether or not they want to hire you now or ever.  You build a successful photography business by having prospects chase after you, and you making the decision as to whether or not you want to work with them.

Let me explain…

When you are perceived by your "Target Market" as chasing after them – they resist hiring you for anything.  They don't want to work with you.

When you are perceived by your Target Market as being successful, busy, in demand, and very respected, they chase after you and want to hire you now – IF YOU GIVE THEM GOOD REASON TO DO SO.

It's sort of like going to the bank to get a loan – when you don't need a loan, everyone is happy to give you a loan.  But when you really need the loan – then everyone is not very excited about giving you the loan.

It's the same in your marketing. 

So how do you do this?

There are many things you can do to accomplish this – but here's three things you can do right now, for little or no money, that will begin positioning your business as the successful, desirable photo business you want, and getting people to contact you and hire you now.

Sadly, most photographer's marketing plan goes like this:  sitting next to their phone and computer and saying, "Boy I sure hope someone calls me or emails me today.  I need some business."  That is not going to help you grow and prosper in this economy.  You must have a plan – a very proven plan.

And that's the aim of these Quick Tips – to give you the specifics of a proven Marketing and Sales Plan that will skyrocket your profits and make you the success you dream of.

In my next Quick Tip, I'll reveal and explain "Rule #2" – it will surprise you!

All the best,


Charles Lewis



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