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Photography Money-Making Secrets Revealed -

The "Raid My Vault" Package  - Photography Marketing And Sales Secrets Revealed!  Here's Your Chance To "Raid My Vault!"  All New! Revolutionary New Package Gives You All My Marketing Pieces!

If You Want Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook With Highly Qualified Callers, And You Want Your Sales Averages To Be Amazingly HIGH - But You Just Don't Want To Do The Work, This Is For You!

What if you were handed the key to my office and studio? What if I gave you PERMISSION to go through EVERYTHING I've used to market and sell, and take anything you want? What if you were given a copy of a state-of-the-art PHOTOGRAPHIC WEBSITE, and permission to copy it completely for yourself? What if you could get your hands on all my "Flow Charts" for how to handle Design Consultations, Telephone Calls, Wedding Bookings, and Portrait Sales? What if you could get copies of my cutting-edge SALES LETTERS (to send to your prospects to book sessions), "liftcards", recorded messages, and more - all created using secrets discovered and perfected during 36 years in the photographic business? What if you could be one of only a handful of photographers in the world to have access to the TOP MARKETING AND SELLING VAULT THAT WILL MAKE YOU A FORTUNE?
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The "Magic Client-Booking PR PACKET

Are you having trouble booking clients? Have you wished for a simple way to get them to MAKE THE DECISION RIGHT NOW, and give you a 50% deposit immediately?

Simply give this PR PACKET to each of your clients when you meet with them, and watch it book the session almost like magic. In it are 9 of the most powerful pieces of paper in the photographic industry, all designed to gently convince your potential clients to book with you now, and give you a 50% deposit up front...

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Are you sick and tired of losing business because you didn't know how to talk with prospects on the telephone? Are you sick to death of the question, "How much do you charge....?"


Did you know that there are four major steps in a telephone conversation when a potential photography client calls you? If you miss any of these steps, you will not book the caller. Instead, that prospect will simply call some other photographer, and you lose the business!

Sales professionals know that the easiest way to book people when they call your studio, is to ask them the right questions. Asking questions - will book you clients! But what questions do you ask?

These NEW Telecharts take each one of the four steps, outline them, and then give you all the POWERFUL QUESTIONS to use for each of the four steps in the presentation on the telephone! It's so easy, once you have the Telecharts...
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free-photo-business-cds$732.94 Worth Of Photography Money-Making Secrets - Yours Absolutely FREE (you pay only  $11 shipping)... Along With A
Risk-Free TRIAL Membership In My "INNER-CIRCLE" Group!

"What 99% Of All Photographers Don't Know (and will NEVER know) About Making Mega Profits In Photography"

Have You Had A Sleepless Night Recently - A Night Where You Dreaded Having To Get Up The Next Morning And Deal With Trying To Make Money?  We've all been there.  Some of us more than others.  For me, 30-some years ago, I'd be up at 3:00 in the morning, with this sick feeling in my stomach - - wondering whether photography was the "right place" for me.  It had become a "JOB" - one that wasn't paying me enough money for how hard I was working at it.

Believe it or not, there IS a fast, easy way to start making BIG MONEY in the portrait and/or wedding photography business - You Just Need To Discover The Secrets That 97% Of All Photographers Don't Know!  There is ONE thing that all very successful (and rich) photographers have in common.  They use the SIMPLE SECRETS I'm going to outline here...
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