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telechartsTHE TELECHARTS! - Telephone Scripts That Book Clients Over The Phone Like MAGIC!

(These TELECHARTS can turn almost anyone into a session-booking pro - - FAST!)

Dear Photographer,

All right - we've all had our challenges booking clients, right? 

 How To Turn More Of Your Phone Calls Into Photo Sessions!

     As you may or may not know, I spend a great deal of my time each week doing one-on-one consulting with some of my best students throughout the country.  They're investing THOUSANDS of dollars a year with me to be able to pick my brain like this, and the more consulting I do, the more I realize that there are common challenges that nearly all photographers are having.

    Almost every photographer that I speak with says they are having trouble turning the calls they get to their studio into BOOKED sessions.  Believe me, if you're having trouble with this, you're not alone.  HOWEVER - there are some very simple secrets that could help you turn at least 78% of all calls into photographic sessions that make you a TON of money!

Have You Been Frustrated By This Situation Recently?  (I'll bet you have..)

The phone rings.

You pick up the phone, and answer it in a very friendly tone of voice. 

"How much is an 8x10?" the woman on the other end of the phone asks in a rather cold, methodical voice.

"Well, and 8x10 will run you about $69.95." you say.

"Okay, thank you."  She gets ready to hang up.

Quickly, desperately, you throw one more question her way in hopes you can keep her on the phone.  "Would you like to set up a time to have me create your photograph?"

"No thanks.  I'm just getting prices."  She hangs up.  Silence.  Dial tone.  No booked session.  No future money in your pocket.

    I guess there was nothing that could have been done about that situation, right?   She was just shopping for prices, right? 


    Which brings me to the following SHOCKING TRUTH:

Shocking Truth:  Virtually NO ONE Invests In Photography Based On Price!  This Means You Can Get Almost Anyone To Be Photographed By You - If You Know The Proven Secrets!


    We have been conditioned over the years to believe that price is the main factor in all purchases, unless, of course, the purchaser happens to be filthy rich.

    But the truth of the matter is, even though they may say that price will determine who creates their photographs, this is NOT always true.  Not by a long shot.

    When someone invests in something strictly based on money, that's a LOGICAL decision.  It is purely logical to spend the least amount of money that you can to get what you need.

    However, photography is not a logical purchase at all.  It has value ONLY to the person who purchases it (or their loved ones) so it's not going to go up in monetary value over the years.  It is purely a purchase OF THE HEART  - - an EMOTIONAL decision.  Very few people have EVER purchased a portrait, or had their wedding photographed for any other reason than EMOTION.

    So, whenever someone says "I'm just calling around to get prices," what he or she is REALLY saying is, "I'm looking for the right photographer for me, but I don't really know what else to ask other than 'how much'."

Here's a BIG SECRET for you:  Emotion sells photography, not low prices!

    How do you avoid this Major Mistake?  How do you become great on the phone?  It's so much easier than you think it is.  You see, most untrained sales people answer phone calls by simply answering the questions that the person calling in asks.  Notice how in my example, you answered her question by saying "an 8x10 will run you about $69.95."  She got what she called for, so there's no reason to continue talking to you.

    What if, instead of just answering her question, you had shown some real interest in who she was going to have photographed, and why?  What if you'd answered her question by saying "I can certainly answer that for you, but before I do, do you mind my asking who it is you're thinking of having photographed?"

    What this does is two things:  First, it immediately throws the customer out of left brain (logic / how much does it cost) into right brain (emotional / who this photo will be of, and why it's important).  Secondly, it shows the customer that you care about her photograph.  THAT'S A HUGE THING!  You are no longer a sales person answering her questions.  You are now a creative photographer who genuinely cares about her and her photography.  All from one simple question.  And that's just the beginning.

There is a real science to answering the phone in a way that will book AT LEAST 78% of the calls.

     The key to mastering this science quickly and easily is to just let someone who is fantastic on the phone TELL you exactly what to say.

  Wouldn't that be great?  Actually, it is just that simple. 


    No, I'm not talking about memorizing a "script."  Every call you take is a unique one, and must be treated that way.  However, you know that during virtually every phone call we take, we hear basically the same things:  "I'm just shopping around."  "I'll have to check with my husband (or wife)"  etc....

So, what we need is a simple list of EXACTLY what to say, at each point of the conversation...

   ....along with standard things to say to help combat the standard objections we hear over and over again.  Then, you keep copies of this "TELECHART" by each of your telephones, and when the phone rings, you just follow the script, and plug in the right response to the right question or objection, and you're on your way to booking at least 78% of all your calls!

    Just keep in mind the four VITAL stages of a phone booking: 

1.  Qualification / Dominant Buying Motive

2.  Interest / Enthusiasm

3.  Education / Unique Factors

4.  The Close

    You MUST lead the caller through all four of these stages before you can expect them to say "yes," and come in to your studio to work with you.  Therefore, your "telechart" must be prepared with each of these four stages in mind.  Don't skip one.  If you do, you will not book the call.   They will go to Sears instead.

I'm Going To Send You MY TELECHARTS - With The Rights To Copy Them For Yourself FOREVER - RIGHT NOW!

PLUS - I'll even include a special report that details exactly how to use the telecharts during every phone call!   Get your copy of these MEGA-BOOKING telecharts now!

The TELECHARTS & Special Report - $99.00



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