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Pricing Tips For This Economy

Photography Marketerby:  Charles J. Lewis


     In my previous Quick Tip I shared with you the story about Picasso and the woman who complained about his prices - and explained that you NEVER, EVER want to lower your prices - not now - not ever - regardless of the economy.

     Now, let's talk about what you CAN do to play with your prices to help encourage and motivate people to call you or email you and to work with you during these slow economic times.

     Now, before I get to these very powerful techniques - it's IMPORTANT you realize that money and discounts are only ONE way to motivate people to hire you - don't over do it or feel it's the only way to get people into your business.  But it's one place to start.

    What you do, is have "Special Offers" - special discounts, etc.  This allows you to do several very MOTIVATING things that get people to call you now - but - and this is a big "BUT" - but, the offer expires on a specific date, and your fees go back to where they normally are.


    1.  You absolutely have a DEADLINE  when this special offer will expire - usually in about two weeks - which motivates her to call you NOW.

2.  You have a specific limited number of people you can honor  this special offer with, because you are so busy.

3.  You throw in several valuable "Bonus Gifts" and "Premiums" (but NOT free photos!) which motivates her to take action now.

4.  You have special introductory offers for your latest, newest products, innovations and services - but with a deadline for these, also.

5.  Obviously, especially during the Holidays right now, you offer "Gift Plaques" or "Gift Folios" at a special, discounted fee.

Let's talk about each one of these briefly:

1.  Deadlines - this is enormously powerful - there's a saying in the Direct Response Industry that goes like this:  "No offer and deadline means no response."

It's true. 

Your Special Offer absolutely expires on such and such a date.  (I recommend this date be about two weeks away - this seems to be the best length of time to have a special offer.  Any longer tends to hurt response, because she doesn't feel any real hurry to respond  now - and then she forgets about it or decides to do something else instead.

2.  Limited number of people for whom you can honor this special offer - this is also very powerful - you explain that because you are so terribly busy, you just can't honor this special offer except for the "FIRST XX NUMBER OF PEOPLE" who call you right now.

  This adds even more urgency for her to respond now  - which is very important.

3.  Bonus Gifts and Premiums - this is another way to entice people to hire you.  Just NEVER give away free photographs - that totally cheapens your product. 

So if you can't give away photos, what can you do?  Here's a few ideas:

Give away frames for a certain size and above - but this expires on xxxx.

Give away an Art Leather Folio with customized, loving words on one side, and the photograph on the other.  (She pays for the photo, and you include the folio and customized wording as a bonus special free offer which expires on xxxxx.)

Give away certificates for services and products from the places where you have your displays and exhibits.   But this expires on xxxxx.

You get the idea here.

4.  Special introductory offers for new products/services you have just started offering. 

For example, let's say you decide to start offering the "Love Folio" - which I described above.  Then you can have a very special discounted offer, with a deadline, for only the X number of people who call you first - but it's NOT free - but it's discounted.

Or you can start offering "Watercolor Love Portraits" - where you print their favorite image onto watercolor paper, and have a special, "Warm Fuzzy" saying printed on it, or a customized saying that the client writes for you.

Or you can start offering "Custom Leather Bound Family Storybook Volumes" - where you photograph the family and build this beautiful customized volume, complete with wonderful poetry and other custom wordings throughout - and you can offer a very special discount on this NEW product you have just developed.

5.  "Gift Plaques" or "Gift Folios" at a special, discounted fee.

 The words "Gift Plaques" or "Gift Folios" are just nice ways to present the concept of a gift certificate.  We have used these for years, and they are very popular.  (You simply put custom wording on one side of an Art Leather Folio,  and the other side is blank.  And you don't mention the dollar value - so it's kept confidential from the recipient.  Works great to bring in good cash flow this time of year.

But the special offer here is this:  They invest in, let's say, a $500 Gift Folio, but only pay you $400.  It's a special discounted offer only between now and the Holidays. 

See how this works?

The key here is for you to realize that during this Recession, it's absolutely going to take more effort and more "smarts" on your part to get people to part with their money for your photography, so you are going to need to really improve your marketing, merchandising and selling skills.

All the best, and I hope these ideas have been helpful to you.


Charles Lewis

PS.  In my next email Quick Tip, I'll talk about how to get the word out to everyone about these special offers you're having - without it costing you much money at all!

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