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CJ-with-camera"Learn How YOU Can Cut to the Head of The Line Every Single Month to Grab My  Cutting-Edge, Step-By-Step, Proven Photography Money-Making SECRETS That Make It So Simple to Attract New Clients, Double Your Profits, and Fatten Your Bank Account - FAST!"

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    Read, listen, and WATCH! I will share with you all of my secrets and new discoveries for marketing and selling your photography for BIG DOLLARS, regardless of the economy...

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    Interviews with the real movers and shakers in the photography industry who do it every single day! Discover the secrets they  use to fuel their photography business growth...

    And much, much more!

Let me guide you down the path to your own profitable photography business - No hype, No bull - just the straight facts and "how to" from someone who has been doing it for 46 years, and has created a photography business worth hundreds-of-thousands of dollars!

Dear Photographer,

Do you get very tired of digging through all the "garbage" online looking for a few "meaty" scraps on how to make money in photography?

Do you still find yourself searching for a way to see past the hype, to finally "decode" the REAL path to launching, growing and building your own successful phtography business?

Have you dabbled with the occasional marketing craze, tried to craft an effective photography website or use facebook, or even sent out direct mail, only to watch them all FAIL to bring you new photo clients? 

(It didn't seem very simple for me many years ago, but I'll get to that in a second.)

Anyone who gets serious about creating a very profitable photography business immediately faces a steep learning curve. But, if you want to "shortcut" the process (and cut down on the months, even years of trial and error that most people face)… 

And, if you really feel ready to start "making it happen" in your photography business, then the next few minutes (as you read this page) will be the most important time spent in your photography business life.

In the next few moments, you'll discover how to...

Join Us On "The Front-lines" Of Photography Business Success, Where You'll Find The Real "Auto Pilot" Secrets To Tons Of Clients and A Fatter Bank Account... With More Discovered And Developed Every Single Day!

Let me ask you a question:

Do you actually know where the REAL secrets for photography profits originate?

(I don't mean the rehashed rubbish all the wannabe's try to pawn off as the newest and greatest… I mean the REAL secrets that WORK now and will continue to work into the future.)

Now where do these "secrets" come from? Very simple!

They come from the front-lines.

That's right - they come from the frontlines of Photography Marketing with people who have actually DONE IT (not sitting around on the forums talking about it... or stealing other people's ideas to come out with their own "watered-down" version).

Out here on the front-lines where I have spent 45 years fighting to discover, prove, and refine new, innovative techniques, tactics, and strategies that will maximize your photography business.

And on these front-lines I keep perfecting and refining "tried and true" strategies to keep up with ever-changing market conditions.

See, I know a little secret! You can't find out what REALLY works just by declaring yourself a guru and giving advice off the top of your head.

(If you want this type of advice, just visit any marketing forum, there you'll find plenty of know-it-alls who will tell you what you should be doing – though they never actually did it themselves.)

Trusting anonymous forum posters or the latest "flash-in-the-pan" guru will give the best WRONG way to do it. You wont get the same quality information from them that you'll get from someone who has truly walked the walk...

…someone constantly putting up innovative new concepts head–to-head with proven, time-tested concepts to see which ones remain standing.

Do you want the real truth about building a photography business... or do you want to keep on wasting your money on bull$%*t pipe dreams peddled by the wannabe gurus?

You see, with many products these days - the "secrets" inside DO NOT get tested!

They don't come as the result of hard-nosed data, actual experience, or in-the-field test results.

No, instead they only offer simple ramblings from someone trying to make their cash selling their "how-to-get-rich" products to you -- not from putting the puzzle pieces together themselves to discover what really works.

One of the biggest problems we all seem to face about every week (or twice a week) comes with the  bombardment of the latest and greatest New "Photography Marketing" products. Now, I must admit, most educators work with good intentions (and some of them have offered good stuff).

But some don't. (Some just want to take your money and run!)

Now, in fact, I know more than the "average photog" about Photography Marketing (because I've trudged in the photo-trenches since 1972). And, because I've "been there - done that," I can usually figure out about 99% of what's inside any educational product, online or offline, just by reading their marketing materials.

You heard me! Just one look at their website or marketing (marketing that supposedly teases you into dying to know more) and I can almost instantly recognize nearly every "trick" or "tactic" inside.

Often times (but NOT always) it rehashes something this person heard from someone else, who heard it from someone else, who never actually TESTED & TRIED it!

BUT! In all fairness, you will find a LOT of really GOOD new products coming on the market! They actually DO offer some great twists on old ideas as well as completely new ways of doing things!

But that leads to another BIG problemHow can you know which is which?

With so many of these products hitting you from each direction every week, how can you pick which photography products offer the "real deal"?

Which product will finally help you unlock the code and turn your photography business into a truly huge financial windfall that will give you the lifestyle you (and your family) have always wanted?

It comes down to this, folks. Who will you finally trust when building your photography business' foundation?

Let me ask it another way: When you get ready to walk down the TRUE photography business path...

Who Do You Want To Follow Through The Photography Marketing Jungle - A Soft-Skinned Newbie Or A Skilled "Machete" Master?

If you don't want to find yourself following an impostor "guide" into a quicksand trap, then make darn sure you follow someone who successfully traveled the path many times before.

Much like a mentor… But I like to call it a trusted "PLATOON Leader."

Someone to show you how to cash-in with...

check.circlePhotography Marketing THAT WORKS! - If you've felt frustrated lately that not enough people seem to be contacting you about your photography, you need to have someone show you the PROVEN, UNDERGROUND photography marketing secrets that have been TESTED time and time again.   ALSO, you'll want someone to show you the latest up-to-the-minute NEW marketing that will keep you ahead of the pack every step of the way!

check.circleTelephone Booking Secrets That Clients Just CAN'T Say "No" To!   I'm NOT talking about "used car salesman" techniques here - no way!    Just proven secrets that have gotten me to reach a record 78% session-booking rate over the phone.  

check.circlePhotography INTERNET Secrets That Bring You Clients 24/7, Even While You Sleep!   Despite how "easy" it is to get a website up these days, that simply is NOT enough anymore.   You've noticed it, haven't you?   It's become VITAL that we stand out with our website, and that we use the latest and greatest SECRET techniques that make our website UBER-EFFECTIVE.   We'll reveal tons of simple website secrets you can use to get more people to your site, and more of those people to book with you NOW.

check.circlePhotograph PRICING & PACKAGING Tips, Secrets & Strategies That Will Make Your Photography Practically IRRESISTIBLE To Potential Clients!   Have you ever wondered what you should be charging for your photography, and how best to put your work together in packages?   You're not alone....   this is one of the most over-looked areas of making HUGE profits in photography!

check.circleHow To Increase Your Average Sale By Up To 150% Within One Month!   If this sounds like "hype" (or B.S.) to you, I can tell you from over 38 years in the business, and over 28 years of teaching these secrets to other photographers - This Really Works!   Do the math:   if you can increase your average sale by just 50%, without raising your costs hardly at all, that's all extra profit.  This stuff simply should not (cannot) be ignored...

... And a WHOLE Lot More cutting edge tactics and strategies that leave your competition eating dust!

But Remember This - Discovering How To "Cash In On Your Photography Goldmine" Isn't The Only Important Thing!

You need a PLATOON leader to protect you from rotten products that won't teach you anything useful. (Even though they still empty your wallet.)

You need a platoon leader to help you spot other platoon leaders worth listening to (someone not afraid to PULL the CHAIN of the "platoon leaders" who are not being 100% up-front with you).

You need a platoon leader to walk ahead of you with a machete, clearing an easy-to-follow path for building your own thriving photography business.

Oh, I also suggest picking a platoon leader with a proven track record , someone who never got anything handed to him (no big-name connections, no bankroll, none of the advantages).

Someone who struggled… in fact, someone who has been right where you are now, and climbed and clawed his way, hand-over-hand, out of a bad situation starting with LESS than ZERO.

For me, that bad situation probably ranks worse than hopefully anything you'll ever face in your life.

A situation that almost cost me my family.

Before we go any further, I need to tell you a story.

I don't find it easy to share this with you, but you need to understand…

In fact - rather than typing it out, I want you to hear it from my own lips.   Just click PLAY to listen to my brief, but true FAILURE story:

Why did I tell you this story?  Because I want you to know that I didn't just come upon these secrets by chance - they weren't just handed to me - and I didn't  always have it east - not at all...

The secrets I'm about to reveal to you SAVED MY BUSINESS, SAVED MY MARRIAGE, and probably SAVED MY LIFE - no exaggeration.

After That Terrible Situation I Just Told You About, I Finally Broke The Code And Opened The Floodgates Of What Most People Would Consider Incredible Photography Business Success!

Check my quick run-down of the photography success I achieved shortly after receiving my "Do or Die" last chance.

HUGE Success #1: A Solid Income
Within 6-months (to the day) of being thrown out of my house by my wife Cheri, I went from being almost completely bankrupt, to having the business of my dreams, and having a VERY steady and BIG income - no joke.  And I did this while cutting back the hours I was working so I had more time to be with my family.

HUGE Success #2: I Repeated The PROVEN Process
It worked once, why not try it again? The steps I took to go from broke to RICH within 6 months were steps I knew I could repeat over and over again to keep raising my profits nearly endlessly.   And that's exactly what I did.   And you know what?  Those secrets kept working, and kept increasing my profits till I was able to make more money in one year than I ever thought possible making in a lifetime from photography.

HUGE Success #3: Financial Stability
My wife Cheri was STUNNED, when I made more money in just the last 6 months of that year , than I made in the entire previous 5 YEARS COMBINED!  (And it's important to note:  Cheri was NEVER about wanting us to be "rich."   She wanted me to be "around" - to be there for the family.   Not always working.   Believe me, this new financial security made it possible for me to cut the hours I work WAY back so I have time to be with my family A LOT.)

HUGE Success #4: A Solid Business Model
It was very important to me that I discover a business model that could almost run on AUTO-PILOT.   I didn't want to have to micro-manage everything every step of the way.   The system I've created, tested, and perfected over the years has become just that for me.   It offers a HUGE amount of freedom most photographers can only dream of.

HUGE Success #5: Asked By The PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS OF AMERICA To Pass My Secrets On To Others
As word started to get out about the changes I'd made to my business, and the success that came from those crazy changes, I got a call from the PPofA.  They wanted me to speak to all their members about how I got the results I got.   This lead to over 200 speaking engagements over the next 15 years, throughout the world.    It means the WORLD to me to be able to pass these secrets on to other photographers so that they NEVER have to struggle the way I did.

HUGE Success #6: A Personal FREEDOM & SECURITY I Never Thoughts Possible
Life is not ALL about our photography business.   We need to get out and have some fun too!   (not that photography isn't a blast...)  The secrets I discovered for increasing my profits and success in photography has translated to a life of travel and excitement for my whole family that I cherish SO MUCH.   Cheri and I LOVE to travel to Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, and all throughout the U.S., and we've been fortunate enough to do this quite a bit .   We now are able to take about 4 vacations a year.   I don't say this to brag at all - I just want you to know that it's truly POSSIBLE!   I never thought a photographer could make enough money to have a great home and travel 4 times a year to expensive destinations, but BOY was I wrong.   I'm living proof of that.... and YOU can be as well.

HUGE Success #7: Real World Credibility
I'm not someone who just learned this stuff, but never applied it in his own business.   You'd be shocked at how many "experts" there are out there who profess to know a ton of secrets, but who have never actually put any of them into use in their own working photography business.  It's so important you learn from the "do-ers," not the "talkers"!

"The Photographer's INNER-CIRCLE Money-Making
Subscribers-Only Website"
…My Multi-Media Instant-Access TREASURE CHEST!

When you take a peek inside The Photographer's Inner-Circle Subscribers-Only Website for the first time, I hope you stay sitting down and strapped in...

...because you'll feel like you got power-launched light-years into your future as a successful (and very profitable) photographer...

The PROVEN insider tips, tricks, tactics, and knowledge we'll deliver, will really keep you that far ahead of 99.9% of the crowd and their photography businesses.

(And each month this resource will only grow more and more powerful for you and your photo business.  So if you don't already use the powerful techniques I reveal each month, it could take you YEARS to catch up to someone who does use them.)

Now, when you get inside the Subscribers-Only site, you'll see where I consistently reveal secrets that would make other ultra-successful photographers' jaws drop. (They don't think of telling ALL their secrets! - many want to keep the best ones for themselves!)

Inside, you'll get so much cutting edge information...

 It Feels Like You're Experiencing A Brand-New
Charles Lewis Photography Mega-Product Every Month To Explode Your Photo Business Profits For
Real… NO HYPE!

Here's What DINA IVORY - An Extremely Successful Photographer in Tallahasee, Florida Has To Say About The Secrets Revealed On This Webpage:

Making Over $600,000 PER YEAR, All From Photography!

"This stuff is priceless!  It will save you years of trial and error, and quickly add BIG dollars to your bottom line!  Thanks to many of the techniques I have learned from Chuck, I have taken a studio that used to bring in around $120,000 a year to one that now does over
$600,000 a year!  (That's a
difference of over $41,000 a month!)  Chuck is the one who taught me this stuff, and I will thank him for the rest of my life for that!  I tell every photographer I know that they must listen and learn from him!  The Monthly CD's are  WONDERFUL, because every month I get a very concentrated audio issue on one specific subject which will
immediately help improve my profits even more!  I look forward to every issue!"

 - Dina Ivory -  Tallahasee, FL

LISTEN To What STEVE FILARSKY - A Wonderful Artist in Franklinton, NC Has To Say About My Money-Making Photo Secrets:
(Just click on the PLAY Button below & to the left)

"I Would Say These Secrets Have Been Worth, To Us, About
$75,000 Over The Years!"

Listen To The Rest Of His Story Above!

-Steven Filarsky - Franklinton, NC

Here's What Hal Jaffe of  Memphis, TN Has To Say About The Secrets Revealed On This Webpage:

Bringing In About $500,000 THIS YEAR ALONE!  Shooting For
$1,000,000 Next Year!

"Chuck, I can't tell you enough what a lifesavers your monthly secrets have been!  I've been a fairly successful photographer for many years - but things in the business REALLY started to change.  Things I'd been doing for years were no longer really working.  Then, I discovered your Money-Making Group.  Now, I'm making SUPER money!  I'm so thrilled that people are now willing to pay me what I deserve to be making!  This year, it looks like we're going to bring in about $500,000 - no kidding!  Next year, we're shooting to double that - and I have no doubt that's completely possible.  You have no idea (or obviously you do) what it's like to make a great living doing what I've always loved most.  Your devoted student and friend, Hal."

  -Hal Jaffe - Memphis, TN

Here's What Jenny Wallace-Crounce of  Kingwood, TX Has To Say About The Secrets Revealed On This Webpage:

Average Sale Up by 400% - Booking 90% of All Inquiries!

"Your secrets have been priceless to me!  Everytime I do what you teach I have amazing success.  Every time!  My average sale has JUMPED 400%!  ALL PROFIT!  For no more work than I was doing before.

My former most expensive wedding package is now the least expensive I sell.  I am closing 90% of my bridal consultations!  And the thing I love is that it's so easy, and it's not pressuring or "tricking" my clients.  It's all 100% honest. 

I just wanted to thank you personally."

  -Jenny Wallace-Crouse - Kingwood, TX


$16,000 From JUST ONE Sale - One Of His Biggest EVER! - PLUS Profits Have TRIPLED!

"First of all, Chuck, I have to tell you that our entire photography business has been built on your secrets, no exception.  And because of that, our profits have TRIPLED since we started using your stuff!   One of our largest sales ever was a $16,000 sale - I can hardly believe how great everything is working.  You know what I think makes the Monthly CD's so powerful?  The fact that you are also sharing the secrets of other photographers from all over the country who are using your information, and getting amazing results.  It's like a community or "mastermind group" of photographers all sharing their biggest hidden treasures.  By the way, the latest information you sent to your members is one of the best things yet!  Great stuff.  I wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you've done for my business, and for the photographic industry."

  -Steven Kramer - Redbank, NJ

LISTEN To What NIGEL MERRICK - A Photographer in Oakland, TN Has To Say About My Money-Making Photo Secrets:
(Just click on the PLAY Button below)

"If it hadn't have been for discovering Chuck's program, I would NOT be in business now.  There's no question of it.  My business would have completely failed."  

Listen To The Rest Of His Story Above!

-Nigel Merrick - Oakland, TN

LISTEN To What ROCKEY KERNS- A Great Photographer in Gahanna, OH Has To Say About My Money-Making Photo Secrets:
(Just click on the PLAY Button below)

"I Would Go Without EATING Before I'd Give Up the Inner-Circle Membership."  

Listen To The Rest Of His Story Above!

-Rockey Kerns - Gahanna, OH

The only question to ask yourself is…

Which Of The Many Secrets You'll Discover Each Month Will Put Your Business On The EXPRESS Elevator To The Penthouse Suite?

Imagine you woke up one morning to a knock at the door.

You don't know who knocked, but when you peek out the window, you see a special overnight delivery van.

You answer the door curious to see what's waiting for you. The smiling delivery man holds a package in his hand that seems to be releasing a strange glow...

"Here's your delivery," he says. "If you put it on the counter and don't open it, it'll be worth nothing."

"But if you open it, look it over, and use the secrets inside to grow your business... then the next time I come to deliver you a package, you probably won't be here."

"Where will I go?" you ask.

He responds, "You may go on a vacation in the Bahamas , or browsing around for a new, larger home, spending time with your kids at the zoo, or somewhere else important to you.  So make your choice now, take this package inside but don't just put it on the counter. Use it, and use it well."

The Photographers' Inner-Circle Subscribers-Only site is your "magic" delivery man.

Now, I won't show up at your door physically, but every month you'll discover something different and incredibly valuable in "The Inner-Circle Subscribers-Only" website! (Not the same old stuff where you keep hoping for just one nugget to make all the digging worthwhile).

You'll get a "mother load!" of great, proven strategies and tactics on different topics, crucial to your success.

Think of it as your own photography business " SUPER Vault" with all the great information you need, and you can pull it out any time you need it.

As you know, I believe in, "Don't teach what you don't know, don't lead where you don't go!"

So I will not deliver advice that might work… or could work… or should work.

I'm giving you the tips, tricks, and techniques PROVEN to work for me AND for others, month after month, year after year!

In fact, if you'd like, you can take a listen to some photographers speaking out right here about the secrets I've passed on to them:

Imagine yourself logging into The Photographers' Inner-Circle Subscribers-Only website to discover just one of these scenarios each month…

Scenario #1: Simple, Powerful, Proven Methods For Marketing Your Photography Business RIGHT NOW - Secrets That Get Clients Calling Practically BEGGING To Be "One Of The Lucky Ones" To Be Photographed!

I realize this may sound impossible.   I mean, in this economy, with all these "competitors" out there, how can any photographer have people begging to be photographed by them?   (it's happening, but only to photographers who have the right marketing approach.)

"And, it must cost a FORTUNE to make this happen, right?"  (nope.)

"No one is paying big money for photography anymore" (Bulls#*t, excuse my French.)

To prove it to my Inner-Circle members, I'm revealing my biggest marketing secrets, PLUS, I've invited some of the leading photographic marketing GENIUSES of the world to share THEIR biggest secrets as well! 

Hear's What Elena & John Kannenberg in Wahpeton, ND Have To Say About My Money-Making Photo Secrets:
(Just click on the PLAY Button below)

"We have been booking client, after client, after client!"  

Listen To The Rest Of Their Story Above!

-Elena & John Kannenberg - Wahpeton, ND

Well, I've just done something rather crazy, and have started revealing many of my BIGGEST secrets for MEGA-PHOTOGRAPHIC-MARKETING up on this Photographer's Inner-Circle Subscribers-ONLY site!   That means that you and my other members will have INSTANT ACCESS, 24/7 to these secrets, whenever you need them!

Also, other major photographic marketers have revealed their secrets for my members on this site.  You're not just hearing from me, but from the other MOVERS-AND-SHAKERS in the industry!

To really stand out from the pack, and to have people practically BEATING DOWN YOUR door to be photographed, you MUST either:

1.... study and train for years to become an expert marketer, or

2.... hire someone (at GREAT expense) who is an expert in photographic marketing to do your marketing for you, or

3.... COPY THE MARKETING SECRETS of someone who has already done it!  

Which of these things do you think would be the least expensive, fastest acting, and most effective?   If Folder.2you picked #3 - you get a gold star!

And that's what the Inner-Circle membership site is all about.   You'll log in anytime you want, and discover the biggest and best marketing secrets for photographers that you can use for yourself.    Not theory, not B.S. - just the proven secrets that have taken my photography studio (and hundreds of others ) from near broke to upwards of six figure per year incomes.  

Now, I can't show you any of those marketing secrets here, as they are ONLY for members.   That's what sets our members apart from everyone else out there - they have access to this HUGE resource, and other photographers don't!




This Entire VIDEO Program DIGITALLY DELIVERED To Your Computer
(Just 1 Of Over 50 HOURS Worth Of Video Programs You Can Watch ANYTIME!)

"Photographer & FACEBOOK EXPERT Thomas Morelli  Reveals HUGE FACEBOOK MARKETING SECRETS For Photographers That Bring In Clients Like CRAZY!"

Within MINUTES of watching this 97 minute video program, you'll be armed and ready to use FACEBOOK to start bringing in new clients to you IMMEDIATELY!    This is one of the fastest ways to drive clients to your photography business that I've ever seen, and Tom Morelli is not only a great photographer, but he's using FACEBOOK better than any other photographer I've seen.


This Entire VIDEO Program DIGITALLY DELIVERED To Your Computer
(Just 1 Of Over 50 HOURS Worth Of Video Programs You Can Watch ANYTIME!)

"Photographic Money-Making Genius (who brings in $600,000 per year with her own photography studio) Reveals The 'MEGA-PROFITS in 30 Days Or Less' System!"

Dina Ivory has taken her photography studio to a point where it makes $600,000 PER YEAR, and she's showing now signs of slowing down!   What is she doing that's bringing her in all that money?   She reveals ALL for you right here - in this full-length video program.   Many of the things she reveals can be acted on right away to start seeing profits coming in FAST!

AND MUCH MORE - Again, there are over 50 hours worth of FULL-LENGTH Video programs you can watch anytime you like!

Scenario #2: Pricing & Packaging Secrets That Take All The "Guess work" Out Of What To Charge & How To Present It!

There are no less than 78 secrets to properly pricing and packaging your work - do you know them all?   And of these 78 secrets, 73 of them can be implemented almost INSTANTLY, and each one of them has an effect on your PROFITS as a photographer.

Have you wondered what you should be charging RIGHT NOW, based on the economy, your area, the competition, and the type of lifestyle you want to live? 

If so, the "pricing & packaging" section of this membership site is going to be a dream come true.   No more guessing - just copy my system!

port-price-listwed-price-listIn fact, I'm going further than that - I'm going to GIVE YOU my ACTUAL PRICE LISTS - just copy them exactly and get great results!  Available for download 24/7 on the membership site...

You read that right - in addition to the HOURS of video material and other secrets about pricing and packaging, I'm going to give you my price lists for portrait and wedding photography so you can see exactly what I'm charging, and how my packages are laid out!

pricing-cheat-sheetI've also put together an amazing PRICING CHEAT SHEET that lists the top 12 "Insider's Secrets To Photography Pricing" that takes all the guesswork out of pricing photography in today's world of digital images, cheap photographers, and an unstable economy!  You'll have 24/7 access to this CHEAT SHEET as well!

The point is:   You'll NEVER have to guess or wonder about how to price your photography, or how to create irresistible packages EVER again.

Scenario #3: Telephone Secrets For Photographers - Secrets That Turn 78% Off All Calls To The Studio Into BOOKED, Paying SESSIONS!

Have you ever dreaded hearing the phone ring in your studio, and thought "Oh, great.   The pressure is on.  I NEED to book this one, but I have no idea how to do it"?

fam-telechartWe've all been there.   Granted, I have not been in that position in over 30 years, as I've got a SECRET WEAPON when it comes to the phone.   Now, in addition to full-length videos, audio programs, and more, I'm going to let you have my MOST SOUGHT-AFTER PRODUCT EVER - My "Telecharts."  

These TELEPHONE ANSWERING SCRIPTS were created for one reason only:   To turn ANYONE into a session-booking dynamo almost instantly, without tons of training, and without having to change their personality.   To the left, you can see one of these telecharts - for FAMILY photography.   As a member of my Photographer's Inner-Circle Group, you'll get ALL MY TELECHARTS for instant download - including Seniors, Families, Children & Weddings.   You simply follow these "scripts," and watch up to 78% of your calls turn into booked sessions.

NEVER fear this phrase again:   "I'll have to check with my husband, and get back to you."

NEVER worry when you hear:  "I'm just calling around to get prices - I'll call you back if I need to know more."

NEVER wonder what to say when they ask:   "How much do you charge?"

These telecharts give you the right things to say EVERY TIME for these (and over 130 other) situations when talking on the phone to a prospective client, and ONLY my members get INSTANT DOWNLOADS & RIGHTS TO COPY THEM!

telephone-booking-video-pt1You'll also have access to over 4 hours of video dedicated to EXACTLY how to answer the phone correctly, and how to book the clients.   Don't worry, you won't have to watch all of this one sitting - within minutes of watching the first video, you'll already have many secrets you can start to use THE SECOND you pick up the phone to answer the next call that comes into your studio.

To the left, you can see just one of these videos - and you'll be able to WATCH THEM IMMEDIATELY, anytime you want - 24/7.

The 9 NEVERS On The Telephone - Are YOU Making9-nevers-dvd.2 These HUGE Mistakes?

This one video alone will give you the 9 things to be sure you NEVER do on the phone.   If you're doing any of these things, it's costing you booked clients (and huge profits) every time you pick up the phone!

And all this is just the beginning of the telephone secrets you'll have unlimited access to day-in and day-out.

Scenario #4: Discover The Latest & Best Tips, Strategies, and Secrets Of How Best To PRESENT Your Images To Your Clients!
   BIG NOTE:   This ONE Step Has More Potential To Make You MORE PILES OF MONEY From Photography Than Any Other Single Thing!

Okay, if you think the best way to present your images to a client after you've done the session is to show them on a computer screen - you're DEAD WRONG.

If you think the best way is to show them via a website - you're DEAD WRONG.

If you're still using paper proofs, or even sending them home with a sample album - you're missing the boat.

Maybe you're showing them to them on a BIG SCREEN TV or MONITOR, so you can show them really large?   Nope - not the best way, not by a long shot.

I could on and on here - there are about as many ways to present the images to clients after the session as there are lenses you can pick for your camera.  

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No stone will be left unturned - I want you to know every secret I've discovered over my years in the photography business, and how to SELL your photography is a huge one.   As you know, once you actually book the session, you're only PART WAY THERE.   Once you've photographed the subject, you're only PART WAY THERE. 

Now, you have to SELL your work, and get the best sales you can - that's how you make a fortune in photography.  We're not talking about using pressure or trickery on your clients - this is all about  honest sales principles that REALLY WORK!

How did I get to the point where I could command large amounts of money for my work, and get Projection-DVDclients ready, willing, and able tosales-resistance-video pay for it?  

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I refuse to start a membership site like this. In fact, I really don't even like to use the word "membership."

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Hitting rock bottom but never giving up. I truly believe hitting rock bottom can be very good for someone's spirit (as long as you don't let it break you and keep you down). In my case, being nearly broke and almost losing my wife and family gave enough to inspire me to ATTACK the photography business with a vengeance.

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