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Awarded to Charles Lewis for Photographic Education Excellence:



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check.circlePOSING - The latest posing tips, tricks, and secrets that other baby photographers aren't using - the ones that actually SELL BIG!   If you want to make more money photographing babies, these are the poses to use... (and they are CREATIVE as heck too!)

check.circleLIGHTING - Detailed lighting strategies that make babies look their best, their most natural, and gets mothers crying tears of joy when they see the photographs.  Discover what the major PROS are doing that's really setting their work apart from the "amateur" right now.

check.circleSETS & PROPS in 2017 - what are the latest trends when photographing babies, and what are some of the classics that will never go out of style?   We'll reveal all here!

check.circleExactly how to MARKET & SELL your baby photography in a way that will launch you to the TOP in your area, nearly overnight!  Other photographers are NOT doing this right, but you'll discover the best and easiest ways to bring in baby photography clients starting RIGHT NOW.

check.circleLIVE Q&A SECTION

and much, much more...

A few short comments from photographers who attended our previous BABY PHOTOGRAPHY SUMMIT (this year's is REVISED & EXPANDED with new up-to-the-minute tips and strategies)

" a game-changer.  Thank you - great intel, as always!"
- Rob Hurth


"Very informative and enthusiastic educators.  Marketing ideas, customer services ideas, and if you really want to be successful it depends on how much you invest yourself into the business."
- Terri Hughes


"This training session had very good points and information and was worth watching!  The greatest thing I received was the Marketing, Pricing and Selling portion. Great information.  I think your event hit every point I was concerned about!" - Melissa Cole


"Well worth it, and GREAT speakers!  Wonderful ideas and encouragement in the photography business.  All of it was great!"
- Umberto Esposito


"It was PERFECT - another great event!  I always learn tons of great information." - Terry Snee



About Charles Lewis & Tom Morelli:


Charles Lewis    Tom Morelli

Charles J. Lewis
opened his portrait and wedding photography studio in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1972 after understudying with the great master photographer, Donald Jack, in Omaha, Nebraska.   He's achieved the status of Master Photographer, and Photographic Craftsman through PPofA, and has also been honored with the Charles "Bud" Hayes award, and the Bill Stockwell award – both for excellence in photographic education.

He has taught at Winona School, and most of the other respected photography schools. He's traveled around the world sharing his knowledge of photography, marketing, pricing & selling, including presenting 30-city seminar tours where he has shared his discoveries of the best ways to make a great living in the portrait & wedding photography business.

He has authored many articles for The Professional Photographer Magazine, as well as other respected photography magazines & journals.

His favorite saying is "Successful photographers force themselves to learn & do the things that the failures don't want to learn & do."


Thomas Morelli has been a self employed professional portrait  photographer for 36 years. He has been President of the Maine  Professional Photographers Association, board member of Professional  Photographers of New England, and won Maine PPA Photographer of the Year in 2003.

He has also won several Fuji Masterpiece and Kodak Gallery  awards.

He has been a featured speaker at several New England PPA State  conventions. Tom has photographed tens of thousands of children since  1980, along with families and High School seniors. He has a very  successful Baby Plan that keeps his studio busy all year.



LIVE ONLINE - One Time Only! April 19th, 1:00pm Eastern Time

Charles Lewis & Tom Morelli Photography Tips, Techniques & Strategies


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