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Photography Money-Making SHORT VIDEO

You now have access to all the videos below, and any new ones that are added over time.   Enjoy the tips and strategies revealed here

-Charles Lewis

phone.videoPHOTO VIDEO
Photography business tip #1: Telephone Secrets
In this photography marketing and photography business video tip,  Charles Lewis reveals secrets to turning more phone calls into booked sessions.

eye-ball-videoPHOTO VIDEO
Photography Marketing Tip #3 - Sell What You Show
In this VIDEO photography business and photography marketing hot-tip,  Charles Lewis reveals the secret technique of "You Sell What You Show."  If you've ever wondered how to help insure the largest sales possible  in photography, you'll want to check this video out!

guaranteePHOTO VIDEO
Photography Marketing Tip #5 - Guarantee on Website
This photography business and photography marketing video tip reveals  the secret of using your guarantee to get you more clients than you ever thought possible through your website.

magic-hatPHOTO VIDEO
Photography Sales VIDEO Tip #7 - The Magic Question
In this photography marketing and photography selling tip, you'll  discover exactly what the "Magic Question" is, and how you can use it to book more photography clients FAST.

phone yellowPHOTO VIDEO
Photography Business Tip #9 - Handle Telephone Stalls
In this hot VIDEO tip, I'll talk to you about how to handle the  statement "I need to think it over and get back to you." We hear this  stall ALL the time, and if you know how to handle it best, your  photography business will thrive! This is a key photography marketing  and photography business tip all photographers must master.

web-videoPHOTO VIDEO
Photography marketing tip #2 - Prices on Web
In this photography marketing and photography business video  hot-tip, Charles Lewis reveals the "yes or no" of publishing your prices online.

brick-wallPHOTO VIDEO
Photography Business Tip #4 - The Brick Wall Law
In this photography business and photography marketing hot-tip video,  Charles Lewis reveals the all-important BRICK WALL LAW. This law  should be a key part of your photography sales process, and if you're  not using it, it could be costing you thousands of dollars a week in  lost sales.

door-closePHOTO VIDEO
Photography Business Tip #6 - The Trial Close
In this photography marketing and photography business video tip, I  reveal the secrets to the TRIAL CLOSE, one of the most powerful sales  strategies you can use to sell photography.

Photography Business Tip #8 - Bound Price lists
This photography business and photography marketing tip reveals how we  present our price lists to clients for maximum booking. This will help you book more portrait and wedding photography clients.

dice-pricePHOTO VIDEO
Photography Marketing Tip #10 - Photography Pricing vs Value
This photography marketing video tip is all about the price / value  relationship. Most photographers don't realize how important this  formula is to there photography profits and photography business  success.

Also, feel free to check out some kind words from just a few of the photographers who have gotten great value, results, and profits from the secrets and tips revealed on this website:



LISTEN To What David Emberling - A Photographer in Weston, CT Has To Say About My Money-Making Photo Secrets:
(Just click on the PLAY Button below & to the left)

"Before I Started, My Average Portrait Sale Was Around $400.  Since Then, It Has Gone Up To An Average, Last Year, Of $1700!"  
Listen To The Rest Of His Story Above!

-David Emberling
Weston, CT

LISTEN To What STEVE FILARSKY - A Wonderful Artist in Franklinton, NC Has To Say About My Money-Making Photo Secrets:
(Just click on the PLAY Button below)

"I Would Say These Secrets Have Been Worth, To Us, About $75,000 Over The Years!"  

Listen To The Rest Of His Story Above!

-Steven Filarsky - Franklinton, NC

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Charles J. Lewis - M. Photog., Cr.




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