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Join Us This Coming Tuesday ONLINE (no special computer program or hardware needed) As We Welcome THOMAS MORELLI, An ULTRA-SUCCESSFUL Photographer In Brewer, Maine, Who Has MASTERED The "FACEBOOK FORMULA." 

During this LIVE event, he will be walking you through EXACTLY how he's using FACEBOOK right now to bring in tons of clients.   Our goal with this event is to go BEYOND him just showing how he's doing it, and to GIVE YOU his model for how you can get similar results - FAST.

Only My INNER-CIRCLE Members will be allowed into this event, so if you're NOT already a member, read on, and I'll let you join for 1 month for just $1, so you can attend!

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DATE & TIME OF LIVE EVENT:  Tuesday, April 6th
from 1:00pm - 2:30pm Eastern Time ONLY

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Online Event - CLICK HERE

SEE, HEAR, AND DISCOVER THESE SECRETS - LIVE - During This 1 1/2 Hour Event:

 FB now more powerful than Google! - No joke...  And Tom is going to reveal how you can capitalize on this MASSIVE resource of potential clients FAST, CHEAPLY, and EASILY.

The "2010 FB-POST FORMULA" - Did you know there's a formula for using FB posts to bring in clients FAST?   If you deviate from this formula, even a little bit, your posts are nearly USELESS.   Tom has perfected this formula, and is going to reveal it during this event.

2 Secrets concerning "comments" - this technique surprised even me, and I'm a Facebook hound!   I can't wait for Tom to reveal the specifics of this during the event!

How To Use Facebook "TAGGING"  to SKY-ROCKET Your Photo Bookings - this single tip could be worth thousands of dollars to you within the first 2 weeks of using it.   It's nearly INSTANT FINANCIAL gratification (and we like that, don't we?)

Are You Using "Facebook MESSAGING" The Right Way? (or are you like most photographers out there who are doing it ALL WRONG?  -  Here, Tom will walk you through how to do it RIGHT, every time, and bring in more clients because of it.

MAJOR MYTH SHATTERED:   The confusion of FAN PAGES vs. PROFILE -  This area is a source of confusion for a lot of Facebook users - Tom will clear all that up during this event, and show you how to use BOTH to add profits to your bottom line.

Just "POSTING" Isn't Enough - You must take the NEXT STEP (the step 87% of people on FB don't know to do) - during this section of the event, Tom will give priceless tips on posting URL's to drive people to you - FAST.

Facebook's "PRIME-TIME POSTS" - ever wonder when the best times of day are to post for max results on Facebook?   Tom's figured it out, and he's going to reveal those secret "Prime-Time Posts" to you...  (note:   post at the WRONG time= little result..... post at the RIGHT time= GREAT results...)

Business vs. personal posts - what's the secret? - you can't have been on Facebook for any period of time and not asked yourself this question.   Tom not only asked it - he has ANSWERED it, and will answer it once and for all here.

3 Easy Ways to Build Friends Quickly and Effectively - if you don't do this, nothing else matters!   The best posts in the world mean NOTHING if you don't have friends who will see them.   MAJOR "FRIEND-MAKER" SECRETS REVEALED...

Using Pay Per Click ads on FB - How To Bring In Customers Quickly With A Technique That Not Nearly Enough Photographers Are Using (yet).   They will be soon - be at the forefront of this client-attracting frenzy!

Q&A Session - Tom answers your FB questions - LIVE!

Also, You'll Be Invited Into Tom's Studio To See What He's Up To, And How His Studio Looks.

And We'd Be CRAZY Not To Share At Least A Few Of Tom's GREAT PHOTOGRAPHS.   On Top Of Being A Facebook GENIUS - He's Also A Great Photographer...

and much, much more.... we're cramming a LOT of great secrets into 1 1/2 hours - NO B.S., no time for idol chatting.   This is going to rock!


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