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Chuck's Checklist For WEBINAR OUTLINE - Here's What We'll Cover:

MAIN SUBJECT:  3 Free (or almost free) ways to get LOTS of good, qualified clients/customers now – and separate yourself from the cheap competition out there.

Bonus:  4 Big Photo Success Secrets

Bonus:  3 biggest marketing/advertising mistakes most photographers make

Bonus:  7 fast & easy tips, tricks & tools that WILL massively increase your photo website effectiveness! 

Bonus:  Other Internet Marketing Methods That Work Like Crazy

Bonus:  A powerful underground "Marketing Key Point"

Bonus:  A look at our studio

Bonus:  A look at some of our exhibits

Q&A if time permits

Some Words From BRUCE HUDSON, Fellow Photographer & Educator:

Hudson"Hi, Chuck - I just wanted to let you know that you are one of my biggest mentors.  Because you taught me so well, I am in the process of building a $1.8 million home on a beautiful lake.   The lifestyle I have created for my children (Josh & McKenna) has come directly from photography and YOUR TEACHINGS.  Thank you Chuck!   As you know, I'm not the type to brag with numbers, but hopefully this will inspire others that YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL.   To NOT study and implement your concepts is crazy.  Thanks again from a huge fan, student, and member of the greatest profession in the world.
           - BRUCE HUDSON, Renton, WA

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