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Picasso & Photography...

by:  Charles J. Lewis

   Before I get to the key point of this important "Hot Tip" here's a quick story that totally makes the point:

   A woman was strolling along a street in Paris, when she spotted Picasso sketching at a sidewalk cafe.  The woman asked Picasso if he might sketch her, and charge accordingly.

Picasso obliged.  In just minutes, there she was: an original Picasso. "And what do I owe you?  she asked.

"Five thousand francs," he answered.

"But it only took you three minutes," she politely reminded him.

"No," Picasso said.  "It took me all my life."

   So, what's the point of this?  It's a very important one.  Especially in today's economic situation....

Even if your business is down right now, and you're scared, Do NOT lower your prices.  Ever.  Not now.  Not ever. 

   That's the key point I wanted to make in this Hot Tip.

   You see, people will ALWAYS complain about your prices - Recession or No Recession .  Plus, it's very likely you are worth more - way more - than you are charging right now, anyway.  So don't allow yourself to be intimidated by the economy, or business being slow, or anything else, and be tempted to lower your fees. 

   So what do you do INSTEAD of lowering your prices in difficult times?

The Real "Big 3" For Photography - That Will Make All The Difference To Your Cash Flow Right Now!

   What you do is become better at what I call the "Big 3"  (and no, it's not Ford, GM, and Chrysler - that's a whole other story!)

   What are the "Big 3" you ask?

   Marketing, Pricing and Selling.

   These "Big Three" have the power to skyrocket your profits and cash flow in an amazingly short amount of time - especially in a slow economy.

   You see, 96% of all photographers are LOUSY marketers - LOUSY pricers - and LOUSY salespeople.  And the result is they starve - especially in a down economic situation.  Don't let this happen to you!

   I used to hate marketing pricing and selling.  All I wanted to do was create beautiful photographs.

   But the problem was that I wasn't making enough money to stay alive and support my family.

   So finally, out of desperation, I started to study the "Big 3".

   And eventually, after investing over $56,000 in my studies, and many years of my time, I "got it."

   You must "get it" too, if you want to grow and prosper.

   You must become obsessed with marketing - not just "getting your name out there" - never say that again - its WAY MORE THAN THAT.  You must become obsessed with becoming a "Master Marketer" who is truly a craftsman at getting people to contact you and inquire about the possibility of them hiring you to create photographs for them.

   You must create a HUGE demand for your limited supply, and then control the volume of work you do with the price.

   And you must become obsessed with selling - not pressure - not trickery - but honest, sincere salesmanship where you find out what people want, and you help them to get it. 

   I used to think that if my work was "good enough" it would sell itself.  I really wanted to believe that.  But as long as I did, I starved. It was only when I mastered the art of being a "Warm Fuzzy Salesperson" that I prospered beyond my wildest dreams.

   So you need to work hard on asking the right questions (Get them off of my "Telecharts") so you quickly find out exactly what they want, and then you can help them to get it by using our other sales techniques we'll talk about in upcoming Hot Tips.

   And you must become obsessed with smart pricing - or "merchandising" as I prefer to call it.  Knowing how to charge for your services, and how to put them together in ways that your target market will really, really WANT them - even though the fees are higher than they originally thought they wanted to invest.

   For example, research has shown that Packages or "Collections" almost always out sell a -la-carte.  But that combining both Collections and a-la-carte in just the right way, will multiply your sales by astounding amounts.

   So how do you become a "Master" at the "Big Three" - so you grow and prosper in these challenging times?

   First, never ever lower your prices.  If business isn't good, it's NOT because your prices are too high.  It's because you are not as good as you need to be at Marketing, Pricing and Selling.

   Next, take ACTION on what I share with you in these Hot Tips and in my other materials you own.  You see, the ideas and techniques by themselves are worthless - they only become valuable to you with you USE them - when you take ACTION. 

   So, are you using the techniques I share with you?

   I sure hope so.  You need it more now than ever before.  I want to see you grow and build the studio of your dreams.  And Cheri, Todd and I are dedicated to helping you do it more quickly and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

Remember one of my favorite sayings: 

"Successful Photographers Copy What Works!  They Do NOT Re-invent The Wheel!"

Take what I have proven to work in my photography business - the ideas and techniques I share with you on these Hot Tips, and USE THEM NOW!

All the best,


Charles Lewis

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