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    If you don't already know this - I am a TEST-CRAZY person.  Testing what marketing works and what doesn't is KEY to success in any business - NO JOKE! 

    I mean, I'm testing everything - all the time!  Heck, I even tested what kind of dogfood my dogs Fred and Ethel (yes from "I Love Lucy") like best by putting two different bowls out and seeing which one they went for.  (Incidentally, Fred likes a different kind of food than Ethel.)

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    Frankly, these recordings have already become a best-seller here - IN RECORD TIME!  So many of my Members have already invested in them that I'm not going to be offering them to you much longer, if at all.   I just don't need to.

   However, I've been trying to find the MOST AMAZING (or crazy, depending on how you look at it) way to take ALL THE RISK off my members, and put ALL THE RISK - AND MORE - onto myself.   This will do it.  If all 7 members who take part in this test send back the recordings and ask for their $50, that will cost me $350 CASH out of my pocket.  But I'd rather take the risk myself, and PROVE to you how much I believe in these recordings by putting my money where my mouth is.

Can You Really Afford To Say "NO" To This Chance?  There's Absolutely NO REASON Not To Say "Yes!  Yes!  Yes !" 

    Honestly, it makes no difference to me MONEY-WISE if you try these recordings out for yourself.  I'll survive - I've got so many irons in the fire, I can afford to take a loss on this one test-mailing. 

    But, you are more than just a paycheck to me - I hope you realize that by now.  I mean - I'm sending you great tips for free by email in this marketing course.  But that's not enough.  You need to go the next step, and I'm on a mission to make sure you continue to grow and prosper, and make more profit from your photography than you ever though possible!

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    Obviously, I believe you'll discover so much from these recordings, that not even a crazy person hopped up on drugs and caffeine will be able to pry them from your hands.  They are HANDS-DOWN the best thing I've ever created about SELLING for photographers....  here, let me tell you about them quickly, then pick up that phone and call 1-800-645-5199 to test-drive these secrets with the $50 CASH promise!

Not Long Ago, I Stumbled Upon This Top-Secret Set Of Recordings I Found In My Office - A Set Of Recordings That Is Going To Revolutionize The Photographic Industry...

    These recordings were in raw form - from when I recorded them a couple years ago (and the information is 100% as applicable today as it was a few years ago - if not more).  Over 12 hours of the very best PHOTOGRAPHIC SALES SECRETS I've ever revealed to anyone in my 37 years in photography!

    A little while ago, I was wading through my piles of notes and paperwork, and I saw something glimmering from under the rubble.  The sunlight hit is just right - it was almost as if I was meant to find it right then and there.  I pushed aside some junk, and there it was:  A TOP-SECRET SET OF D.A.T. TAPES I'D CREATED A COUPLE YEARS EARLIER.   (D.A.T. tapes are a special kind of high-quality digital recording.)

But These Were No ORDINARY TAPES!  They Had The Words "DANGER - Don't Let These Fall Into The Wrong Hands" Written In Big RED SHARPIE MARKER On The Labels!

    I pulled the first one out, and stuck it in my special DAT tape machine.  I pushed "play."  What I discovered on this tape made my face almost go white.  I had to sit down and catch my breath.

    This was an underground series of audio recordings created during a 3-day in -depth unprecedented PHOTOGRAPHY SALES WORKSHOP I was hired to create for one of the top photographers in the country!  I'd forgotten all about this audio tape set!  It was only a couple years ago, but it had completely slipped my mind!

    As I listened to the tapes (I couldn't shut them off!) I realized almost instantly why I'd written that cryptic message in red sharpie marker on the labels.  If this information were to fall into the wrong hands - it could put some of my very best photography students (like you) out of business!  It would give your competition a leg-up that would be an unfair advantage, and you'd be spending all your time trying to catch up.

These recordings reveal every aspect of selling photography - REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOUR USING DIGITAL OR NOT!

    This will be the first and last product you'll ever need to invest in about selling photography - and it's the only system out there that will virtually GUARANTEE that 9 out of 10 clients will buy AT LEAST A 24x30!

    This stuff even surprised ME!  I'd forgotten how amazing this 3-day workshop was, and how many secrets were revealed during that time. 

WARNING - THESE RECORDINGS ARE HIGH-PACED, AND THE SECRETS YOU'LL DISCOVER CAN BE DANGEROUS IF PUT IN THE WRONG HANDS!  You'll Find Yourself Able To Sell Virtually Anything To Anybody - So I Have To Believe You're An Honest Person...

    That's another reason I'm not offering this to everyone.  Because you've specifically requested my email marketing course, I believe you are an honest photographer - one who is not looking JUST to make a quick buck by lying, cheating , or manipulating people.  The secrets on these audio CDs would show you how to sell bubblegum to a man with lockjaw if you wanted to, but that's not what we're about. 

    If these secrets can turn just about ANY PHOTOGRAPHER into an amazing salesperson, regardless of their ethics and morals, just imagine how great they will work for an honest and good photographer like yourself.  We're talking magic here.  Regardless of what you feel your abilities are as a salesperson, you WILL become a master seller of photography in ONE SHORT WEEK, guaranteed. 

Here's What This TOP-SECRET SET OF RECORDINGS Will Do For You:


      1.  You'll NEVER Fear The Sales Process Again.  When the phone rings, or a client comes into your studio, you'll KNOW that a great sale is going to come out of it!

      2.  Your Average Sale WILL Go Up By AT LEAST 103%.  This is a cold hard fact, based on my YEARS of revealing these secrets in high-priced workshops like the one these tapes were created from.  If your average sale does NOT go up by 103%, you don't pay me.  (Read on for my no B.S., no strings, no joke guarantee.)

      3.  Your Competitors Will Call You - BEGGING You To Tell Them What You're Doing To Get Such Great Results!  No kidding - I've had this happen so many times!  Whether you want to tell them or not - that's up to you.  I'd probably keep these secrets to myself, if I were you.  You will be dominating your area so much, your competitors will be stunned by your success!

      4.  You'll Know IMMEDIATELY, And Without Thinking, How To Handle EVERY Objection You Hear On The Phone Or In Person - And You'll Turn Those Very Objections Into REASONS To Buy From You!  This is a huge one.  We've all heard the objections - "I need to check with my husband."  OR "We're just shopping around for prices." OR "Do I Get To Keep The Negatives At That Price." - you'll be able to turn these AND THE 37 OTHER MOST COMMON OBJECTIONS into booked sessions and GREAT SALES nearly every time.

      5.  An AMAZING Training Tool For ANYONE Who Answers Your Phone Or Works One-On-One With A Client!  This is huge - you'll literally be able to give these tapes to any staff member you may have, and within a week, they will become a session-booking, and wall-portrait-selling dynamo!  No work on your part!

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There are SO many other benefits, but I'm running out of time to get this offer to the printer - so we must move on!

So, Call RIGHT NOW - 1-800-645-5199 - 24 hours, And We'll Send These To You FOR FREE For 30 Days (you only pay $13.50 shipping)!  If You Decide You Don't Want To Keep Them For Any Reason, Send Them Back, Along With A Note Requesting Your $50, And I'll Send You A Check!

    This is a ONE-TIME DEAL.  And ONLY until 7 Members have called or faxed me - which ever comes FIRST.  That's it - no exceptions.  As I said, this is only a test - to see if my being willing to send them to you for 30 days for FREE and pony up $50 if you're not THRILLED, SHOCKED, AND AMAZED - will convince you that you're sitting on a gold-mine here.

    If you decide NOT to take me up on this insane offer, PLEASE DO NOT ask me if you can take me up on it in a month or two.  This is NOW OR NEVER.  I may be crazy for offering it in the first place.  Maybe in a week or so, I'll come to my senses, so call now before I change my mind.

PLUS - You'll SAVE $1247 If You DO Decide To Keep The Recordings, AND I'll Let You Upgrade to CDs Instead Of Cassettes For FREE!

    Call my office at 1-800-645-5199, or fax the MEMBER RUSH ORDER FORM to (616) 956-6957 IMMEDIATELY, and I'll rush these recordings to you - ONLY IF YOU'RE ONE OF THE FIRST 7 TO RESPOND by the date stamped in red.  I'll tell you how to print the order form in a minute.

    THIS IS A ONE-TIME OFFER ONLY!  If and when this is made available to the rest of the photographic public, it will have a regular price of $1997.  I'll let you have all these recordings - a lifetime of PROVEN sales secrets - for just $750 plus $13.50 shipping and handling.  I'll even break it into 5 EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS at no extra charge!  And this is ONLY if you decide to keep them past your 30 day FREE TRIAL.  Otherwise, you pay only the $13.50 for shipping.


    This is GREAT NEWS for you - since you're getting in on the ground floor - since you're acting right now - since you're going to make sure to be one of the first 7 people to call or fax RISK-FREE and try this system out - I'll let you UPGRADE from old-fashioned AUDIO CASSETTE to CD - AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

This is a $100 VALUE - That's how much I'm going to HAVE to charge after this to upgrade to CD. 

    There's a LOT more work involved for Todd in the recording studio to create CD MASTERS - I had no idea what it would take.  But we're doing it - and I'm letting ONLY the first 7 Members get this whole program upgraded onto CD for FREE - if you wish - and save the $100!!!

YOU'RE ONLY SAYING "MAYBE" HERE.  You Are Not Obligated To Keep The Tapes or CDs For Any Reason - In Fact, I'll DEMAND THEM BACK, And I'll Charge You NOTHING (and I'll give you $50 out of my pocket), If They Don't Increase Your Average Sale By At Least 103% ALMOST INSTANTLY!

    No kidding - you're just agreeing to check these out, FOR FREE, for 30 days (you only pay $13.50 shipping).  You can return them to me for any reason within that time, and be charged nothing.  Plus, I only want you to keep them when they PROVE to you they can deliver.  So, if you don't see your average sale jump by at least 103% within six months (probably MUCH SOONER), you can STILL return the recordings to me for a full refund.  No problem. That's 5 additional months ON TOP of the free 30 day trial!  After the 30 day trial, I won't give you the $50 cash, but you can still return them for a FULL refund.  You're really risking NOTHING.

ADDED BONUS - A COMPLETE 43 PAGE GUIDEBOOK (when you are one of the first 7 to call or fax RIGHT NOW!)

    This guidebook was created specifically for these TOP-SECRET SUPER SALES RECORDINGS, and it puts the key points and secrets into a simple, easy-to-follow book that you can take anywhere.  An amazing bonus - FREE.

Sorry, I don't have time to tell you much more - if you have ANY questions, call TODD right now, and he'll answer them for you!

    You can reach Todd at 1-800-645-5199.  He can tell you more about this amazing tape or CD set, and remember - you get it RISK-FREE!  If it doesn't work, or you don't like it for any reason, return it within 30 days, and pay nothing!  I'll even send you $50 bucks!  No hard feelings at all.


          Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog. Cr.

         PS. - CALL RIGHT NOW.  Worst case - You're $50 richer.  You pay NO MONEY right now - just try these AMAZING recordings - recordings that Members are RAVING about.  If you're not THRILLED, you pay me nothing, and I send you $50 cash.  Call right now - ONLY 7 members will be allowed to take part in this "test."  1-800-645-5199....  Or CLICK HERE for a faxable order form.