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STEAL MY STUFF!!!  673 Pages Of Marketing Pieces, YOURS TO COPY & USE - 16 ALL NEW Un-Edited Audio CDs To Walk You Through Everything - PLUS A CD-ROM With A Complete PHOTOGRAPHIC WEBSITE DONE FOR YOU - Along With A GUARANTEE That You'll Make AT LEAST $57,500 ADDITIONAL Profit!

Dear Photographer,

    As you may or may not already know, due to the overwhelming success of the first "Raid My Vault" Super Class in Chicago, we had decided to hold the class a second time for people who were unable to get into the first one.



Making Over $600,000 PER YEAR, All From Photography!

"This stuff is priceless!  It will save you years of trial and error, and quickly add BIG dollars to your bottom line!  Thanks to many of the techniques I have learned from Chuck, I have taken a studio that used to bring in around $120,000 a year to one that now does over
$600,000 a year!  (That's a difference of over $41,000 a month!)  Chuck is the one who taught me this stuff, and I will thank him for the rest of my life for that!  I tell every photographer I know that they must listen and learn from him! 

 - Dina Ivory -  Tallahasee, FL

But I've Had Some Other Projects Come Up That Won't Allow Me To Present This Class Right Now - I Just Won't Have The Time.  But MY SCHEDULING NIGHTMARE IS YOUR DREAM COME TRUE!  I'm Going To Bring The Class To You Instead.

    As soon as I discovered that I wouldn't be able to present the "Raid My Vault" Class again in Chicago, I knew there would be a lot of unhappy photographers out there.  I'd been hounded relentlessly since the last class by photographers who nearly DEMANDED that I hold that class again for people who weren't able to get into the last one. 

    And they all wanted those HUGE BINDERS OF MY PHOTOGRAPHIC MARKETING STUFF that they could take home and copy and use, just like all the "Raid My Vault" attendees got.  Unfortunately, I have too many conflicts to be able to present that class again..... HOWEVER....

Suddenly - IT DAWNED ON ME-  I Have The ENTIRE CLASS On Audio CD!  Why Not SEND The CDs & The HUGE BINDERS OF STUFF To You?  That Way You Wouldn't Have To Travel At All, Plus You Would Save Some Money By Not Having To Buy Airline Tickets!

   We remembered that we had recorded the ENTIRE CLASS - UN-EDITED on audio CD when we were in Chicago!  We had done this so the attendees of the Chicago "Raid My Vault" Class could invest in audio CDs of the class to listen to over and over again if they wanted to.   Well, now you will get to benefit from that - in a HUGE WAY!  Read on.


"Just One Simple Sales Letter That I Sent Out Made Me 20 TIMES PROFIT!"

"Okay, I knew you were an incredible marketing person, but WOW!  The ideas you've given me have made me TONS of money!  In fact, just one simple sales letter that I sent out to graduating seniors has made me 20 TIMES profit!  Can you believe that?!  Well, I suppose YOU can!  Oh, and I was honored to be asked to speak at the class about some of the ideas I'm using to make my photography dreams come true.  If just one photographer realizes that this business doesn't have to be as hard as most of us have come to think, then I feel we've made a difference.  You certainly have made a huge difference in my life, Chuck.  Thank you again."

-Fred Mohr - Galeton, PA
Raid My Vault Owner

Let's Be Honest Here - What You Really Want Is The HUGE BINDER (actually, it's become 2 FULL binders!) of Marketing Pieces To Copy & Use For Yourself!  The Actual Class Was Just A Bonus...

    That's the way a lot of the attendees of the Chicago class felt - UNTIL THE CLASS BEGAN, that is!  A number of attendees told me that they signed up just to get the binder full of stuff, and they didn't expect to get that much out of the class.  Boy where they wrong!  After the first break, a number of them came up to me and told me that the class was more than they could ever have imagined!

NOW, You Can Get The UN-EDITED, COMPLETE SET of CDs From The Class Along With All The Marketing Pieces - WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOME!

   Okay, here's the deal.  You don't have to come to me for the class any more.  Instead, I'm going to send it all right to your doorstep for you!  Let the class do the travelling instead of you.  You'll get EVERYTHING the attendees of the Chicago class received, PLUS the added bonus of being able to listen to it over and over again whenever you want to!

(enter COUPON code 995 at CHECKOUT to save 52%!)
Call 1-800-485-9770
Right Now To Order!
(mention order code 995 to save 52%!)

I'm Going To Pack Up My ENTIRE Office (Including My "Top-Secret VAULT" Full Of All My Marketing Stuff), Put it In A BOX, and Rush It To You So You Can RAID, COPY, AND USE  EVERYTHING FOR YOURSELF....

    That's right!  Nothing will be held back!  It's as if I retired, and left you my entire ultra-successful business!  Never wonder again about WHAT to send to your clients.  Just send what I give you!  Never wonder again about HOW to design a Yellow Pages ad that will put you at the top of your game in your area - Just plug your name into what I give you, and hand it to your Yellow Pages rep!  Never wonder what your website should look like - or what it MUST say to be successful and book clients for you - Just plug your name and photos into my design, and words, and you're all set to go!

Here's What It's All About, In A Nutshell:

    I spent 6 months (NO KIDDING!) making copies of EVERY SINGLE MARKETING PIECE I've ever done.  I put them all together in 2 huge binders - totalling 673 pages.  I rushed the audio masters from the Chicago class off to a duplicator to make copies of them for you.  I'm putting ALL OF THAT stuff in a box for you.  It's literally my whole life's work in one box!  The only things I'm not sending you are my camera... and the kitchen sink! 

This is a 100% ACCESS PASS.  This means that you will receive COPIES OF ALL MY TOP-SECRET Marketing Letters, Brochures, Postcards, Yellow-Pages Ads,  Multi-step Marketing Pieces, Consumer Awareness Guides, Pr Follow-up System, And More!  ALL THE WORK IS DONE FOR YOU!

    You will be handed a HUGE pile of stuff.  These ARE NOT just books and CDs telling you how to create them yourself.  No way.  You've already had a chance to do that.  These are the ACTUAL PIECES , along with the rights for you to use them in your own business.  Just send 'em out and reap the rewards!

And that's just the beginning.  On the 16 Full-Length, UN-EDITED Audio CDs, I'm going to show you EXACTLY what to do with all this stuff - RIGHT NOW!  (continued after this photographer speaks out)


"Chuck - We Copied The Website For Seniors And It Really Works Like Magic!  Our Sales Have Gone Up To $250,000 In One Year!"

"The Raid My Vault information is incredible!  Thanks to you, our business has grown to $250,000 in ONE YEAR !  We copied the website for seniors and it realy works like magic! 

Our average senior sale went from $500 to $700 just by using a couple of your ideas!  The whole thing has done exactly what you said it would do.  Thanks so much!"

-William Timmer - Holland, MI
Raid My Vault Owner

    With your own COPY of my entire vault of stuff, you will be guided step-by-step through each and every piece.  It's as if I'm right there with you, showing you what to use, when to use it, and HOW to use it to get instant AND AMAZING RESULTS!  Do you have ANY idea what this is worth?  Think about it.  My whole life's work, handed to you on a silver platter.

PLUS - "How To Create A WEBSITE That Will Have People Lining Up At Your Door To Be Photographed!"  Everything You Need,  Even If You Don't Know ANYTHING About Web Design!

    Things have changed in the photographic industry, and they will NEVER go back.  We can't ignore the importance of the internet as a source of CHEAP advertising.  DO NOT PUT UP A WEBSITE TILL YOU SEE THIS! But... if you already have a website, you will discover the secrets to making that website work LIKE GANGBUSTERS for you!

(enter COUPON code 995 at CHECKOUT to save 52%!)
Call 1-800-485-9770
Right Now To Order!
(mention order code 995 to save 52%!)

The CUTTING-EDGE Marketing Techniques - SPECIFIC FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS, And I Will Be Walking You Through Every Detail Of It All!

    No boring theory.  No B.S. - this is what I've been building up to all my life.  No other photographer has the guts to do this, because they don't want you to catch up on decades of their hard work in such a short time.  Plus, there are LITERALLY only a few other photographers in the WORLD who know the secrets I'm going to GIVE you. 

    No kidding.  The amazing secrets I will be giving to you are being used by some of the most innovative companies in the world, but most photographers have not caught on - yet!  DON'T BE LEFT OUT!

NEW DEVELOPMENT!!! - Act Now, And Get 12 MONTHS Of FREE One-On-One Support Via Phone, Fax, & Email!

    Okay - by now you're probably thinking "this sounds fantastic, but if I was AT THE CLASS, I could ask questions if I didn't understand something."  Well, don't panic.  I'm not going to leave you out there all alone. 

    In fact, I'm going to give you a special HOTLINE PHONE NUMBER, a special Fax Number, and a special access email address, so you can contact me and my staff at any time during regular business hours over the next 12 months if you have ANY question at all!  Of course, I've taken all the work off of you by giving you my actual marketing pieces, but you might still have a question now and then.  Feel free to contact us, and we'll walk you right through it all!

Here's What You'll Discover At Your Doorstep:

    Hands on NO-HOLDS-BARRED SECRETS REVEALED like you've never seen before !  Amazing "Raid My Vault Class-In-A-Box" Binders contains all the forms, sequenced letters, everything you need to make your life a "breeze!"

    What's listed below is a rundown of JUST SOME OF the stuff you'll get in your "Raid My Vault" Class-In-A-Box."  673 PAGES OF STUFF - All Done For You (and more - read on)...

    • One Step Mailings
    • Display Ads
    • Magazine & Newspaper Ads
    • Radio Ads
    • Yellow Pages Ads
    • Joint Venture Marketing
    • Past Customer Marketing
    • Bridal Shows, Home Shows, Fairs
    • Newspaper Trade Outs
    • Public Relations Marketing
    • Weddings As A Powerful Marketing Tool
    • General Exhibits
    • Specialty Exhibits
    • My Favorite Old "Classic" DRM Ads
    • An ULTRA-Effective, Photographic Website
    • New One Step, Lead Generation, And Multiple- Step Sales Letters All Written For You!
    • The "Lead Generation Model"
    • Family Portrait One Step & Multiple Step Marketing Pieces
    • Children's Portraits One Step & Multiple Step Marketing Pieces
    • Wedding Photography One Step & Multiple Step Marketing Pieces
    • Senior Portraits Sales Letter / Brochure To The Parents
    • Senior Portraits Sales Letter / Brochure To The Seniors
    • Sample Lead Generation Space Ads
    • Other Photog's Wedding Marketing Pieces 
    • Other Photog's Wedding Handouts
    • Other Photog's Portrait Marketing Pieces
    • Other Photog's Senior Portrait Marketing Pieces
    • Pricing & Merchandising Samples
    • Pricing & Merchandising Key Points & Tips
    • The 13 Amazing Secrets To Successful Pricing & Merchandising Of
    •   Portraits & Wedding Photography
    • Other Photog's Wedding Price Lists
    • Other Photog's Portrait Price Lists
    • Other Photog's Senior Portrait Price Lists
    • Sales Major Principles And Tips
    • Telephone Sales Secrets And Advanced Telecharts - Amazing scripts that walk you through exactly     what to say all the time!
    • Studio Design As A Sales Tool
    • The "Design Consultation"
    • Wedding Booking Secrets & Techniques
    • PR Follow-up And "Stick" System
    • Weddings - Other Tips And Techniques
    • Personal Management For Your Success
    • Other Key Points And Secrets To The
    • "Organized Plan For Your Success In Photography"


(remember, you get a second binder full of stuff, PLUS the CD-ROM with 700 files on it!)

(enter COUPON code 995 at CHECKOUT to save 52%!)
Call 1-800-485-9770
Right Now To Order!
(mention order code 995 to save 52%!)

And It's All GUARANTEED By The Best TRIPLE GUARANTEE In The Industry!

    It's not enough to just say I'm giving you a 100% money-back guarantee.  That's not good enough - not by a long shot.  I'm going to go ONE STEP FURTHER with this "Raid My Vault" Class-In-A-Box because I believe so strongly that it will improve your BOTTOM -LINE PROFITS in ways you never dreamed!  All the risk is taken off of you.  If you don't see amazing, monetary, TANGIBLE results, you don't pay.
(continued after this photographer speaks out)



"The Lift Cards Are Fantastic!  People Are Calling Me Like Crazy!"

"Chuck, I have to tell you this!  I got this thing in the mail about your "Raid My Vault" Class in a box.  I didn't believe you at first.  I was very skeptical.  I read these testimonials, and I"m sorry, but I didn't even believe them either.  They couldn't be true.  But now, I'M ONE OF THEM!  I know it's true!  This really is fantastic.  This works!

For example - I have received about DOUBLE the calls to the studio so far, because of this great stuff - especially the recorded hotline!  Also, my website I got off of the CD is doing GREAT!  I'm getting lots of brides calling and wanting to book right away!  I have people who say, just based on the website, they want to book with me, and they book a $4500 wedding - giving me the credit card over the phone!  I know it's hard to believe, but it's true!  August was the best August I've ever had!  Unbelievable!  And the lift cards - fantastic.  I'm even doing a wedding in Iceland!  And I've been to Jamaica for a wedding too.  I can't thank you enough!"

-Gregg Thompson - Sauk Rapids, MN
Raid My Vault Owner

   Here's my amazing TRIPLE GUARANTEE:

          GUARANTEE #1:  "6 MONTH - NO QUESTIONS, No Strings, No B.S., No Weasel-Clauses, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE" - If for ANY reason within 6 months you decide you don't want to keep this package, simply send it back for a full refund (minus shipping).  No questions asked.  Period.  No matter why you send it back, I will refund all your money.  You literally are not risking ONE CENT to "raid my vault."

      GUARANTEE #2:  "7 Times Profit Promise!" - Once you receive this package in the mail - simply choose one of the marketing pieces I've designed for you.  Change my name to yours, put your photos in it, and send it out.  If you don't make 7 TIMES the amount of money you spent on that mailing IN PURE PROFIT, simply send back the package, along with proof of the mailing, and I'll refund all the money you invested with me.  I'll give you 6 months on this guarantee as well.

      GUARANTEE #3:  "9 Month $57,500 PROFIT Guarantee" -  If over the course of the next 9 months, you use at least 4 of the marketing pieces I've given you, and you don't make AT LEAST $57,500 profit as a direct result of using them, simply send me proof of those 4 mailings along with your "Raid My Vault Class-In-A-Box," and I will refund your entire investment for the package.

    (By the way, I double-dog-dare anybody to match my guarantee.  Nobody can.  Nobody will.  Heck, do you know that there's a famous $15,000.00 per person marketing seminar that does not come with this strong of a guarantee?  Imagine spending $15,000.00 to get into a class without having an ironclad, no-wiggle "you will be thrilled" guarantee.  Well, you take no risk here.  I'm out on the limb big time and MUST produce.)

How Much Money Are We Talking Here?  What's All This Stuff REALLY Worth?

   Just think about this:  How much would all this stuff - 673 pages of stuff - ALL DONE FOR YOU - how much would all that cost to have professionally created from scratch? 

    There are 37 different marketing approaches specifically designed for photographers in the binders.  I calculated it out.  Each one of them would cost (no kidding) an average of $7147 EACH for a professional designer and marketer to create! That's a lot of money I've invested only to allow you to "Raid" it all for yourself!

So, at an average of $7147 each - that's $264,439 worth of marketing - ALL YOURS!  And that's NOT including the WEBSITE!!!

    The website is even more incredible!  A complete website like the one you'll receive in this package, would cost you upwards of $12,000 to have created!  And that's if it's created by someone who DOESN'T KNOW the photography business like we do!  That's a HUGE PART OF IT!  Every word and graphic of this extensive website was carefully chosen to sell your photography over the web.

BIG NEWS!!! - I'll Even Give You A CD-ROM, Jam Packed With Marketing Pieces - So You Don't Even Have To Type Them Into Your Computer!

(enter COUPON code 995 at CHECKOUT to save 52%!)
Call 1-800-485-9770
Right Now To Order!
(mention order code 995 to save 52%!)

    This was a BIG ATTRACTION at the class in Chicago!  So many of the attendees were THRILLED to discover that they received a CD-ROM that contained over 700 files they could immediately copy into their own computers and use!  Imagine popping this CD into your computer, and downloading an entire finished PROFESSIONAL website onto your computer to modify and use for yourself!  Or copy the 2182 word sales letter (one of MANY) right into your computer instead of having to re-type it in by hand.  This will save you TONS of time!  You'll get this CD-ROM delivered right to your door with everything else!

So, How Much Is The Investment For This "Raid My Vault" Package?

      As I mentioned before, we were going to hold a second "Raid My Vault" class in August.  That class was going to have a regular price of $2685.  I've decided to let you have the "Raid My Vault Class-In-A-Box" for that same low price - AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO TRAVEL!  That's a drop in the bucket considering you get all the contents of my "Vault" as well as all the advanced details of exactly how to use it all.  Is that a great deal or what?


    However, I'm going to let you ADVANCE-ORDER RIGHT NOW FOR 52% OFF:  just $1292.50 (plus $13.50 s/h), as long as you do so WITHIN THE NEXT 5 DAYS!  Oh, and I can only offer this special to the first 7 photographers who respond.   I only have 7 RAID MY VAULT Packages left on the shelf, and after they're gone, I'll have to order more at a MAJOR price from my duplicator.

Why am I making you this deal? 

    Because you subscribed to my E-NEWSLETTER, which tells me you're serious about making money with your photography. 

    AND, because I want to give you every chance to save THOUSANDS of dollars and YEARS of trial and error.  No kidding - it took me DECADES to discover these marketing pieces THAT REALLY WORK.  Now, I'm going to send them to you AT 52% OFF the usual price - But ONLY if you act within 5 days (and are one of the first 7 to respond!)

(enter COUPON code 995 at CHECKOUT to save 52%!)
Call 1-800-485-9770
Right Now To Order!
(mention order code 995 to save 52%!)

   AND remember, you have a full money-back guarantee, so if you don't make money, you don't pay for it!

(continued after this photographer speaks out)


"The RAID MY VAULT Class Was The Most Valuable Experience Of My Life..."

"Chuck & Todd - the class was the most valuable experience of my life, and I am 44 and have a Master of Art Degree.  I am so thrilled with all the materials!  The binders are packed full of all your marketing materials for me to go home and copy and use right away - it couldn't be easier!  I don't even have to type the words into my computer, they're already on the CD-ROM too!  And the class itself was FANTASTIC!

By the way, I booked 2 weddings almost immediately without personally meeting with the clients!  Plus, I have lots of prospects visiting me after seeing that site. 

This is fantastic!  I highly recommend it to every photographer who is serious about increasing the money they make - FAST!

-Gregory Gittsovich - Plymouth, MN
Raid My Vault Owner

    The bottom line is very simple here:  do you SERIOUSLY want to become a modern day miracle worker, able to turn film and paper (or digital 1's and 0's) into floods of cash, over and over again, pretty much at will? to do it quickly, efficiently? ...finding money in your cash register every day of your life?  If so, you'll do just about anything NOT to miss this incredible opportunity.

     Call 1-800-485-9770 immediately to order OR CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONLINE - ENTER COUPON CODE 995 at CHECKOUT and you save 52% while the packages last!


        Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog. Cr.

         PS. - After you have put your heart and soul into creating photographs for your client, saying "sorry" to your spouse or significant other because the sale was lousy, and the phone isn't ringing either, does NOT offer much consolation.   That's why I try not to put myself in that situation!  Does that mean I - and my techniques - succeed every time?  Well, of course not.  But I very, very rarely blow it.  And I can show you the "x-factors" that allow you to just about guarantee success, so you never deal with failure.  How would you like to know in advance that you will succeed almost every time you do a marketing campaign, answer the telephone, meet with a prospective client, or present your images to your client?  How wonderful will that feel?

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    (enter COUPON code 995 at CHECKOUT to save 52%!)
    Call 1-800-485-9770
    Right Now To Order!
    (mention order code 995 to save 52%!)




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