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The photography industry is under attack right now, and we need to put a stop to this!   The best way I can think of to keep the photography industry alive as we know it is to make sure that as many photographers as possible are ULTRA successful right now - during this crazy economy.

That's why I'm letting 7 photographers get my secrets for free.   As a wise person once said, the rising tide lifts all boats.

Will you be one of the photographers to get your hands on these free secrets, or will it be the photographer down the street? 

 You should know that what I reveal about making the BIG money in photography goes completely against advice you'll hear from other sources and "conventional wisdom" in the photo industry.  You're going to discover a genuinely radical, renegade way of operating your photo business that will open your eyes and leave you wondering why this information was hidden from you until now.  Intrigued?  Well, let me tell you about the HUGE box of goodies I've put together for you... ALL FOR FREE!...


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Making Over $600,000 PER YEAR, All From Photography!

"This stuff is priceless!  It will save you years of trial and error, and quickly add BIG dollars to your bottom line!  Thanks to many of the techniques I have learned from Chuck, I have taken a studio that used to bring in around $120,000 a year to one that now does over
$600,000 a year!  (That's a
difference of over $41,000 a month!)  Chuck is the one who taught me this stuff, and I will thank him for the rest of my life for that!  I tell every photographer I know that they must listen and learn from him!  The Monthly CD's are  WONDERFUL, because every month I get a very concentrated audio issue on one specific subject which will
immediately help improve my profits even more!  I look forward to every issue!"

 - Dina Ivory -  Tallahasee, FL

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This powerful money-making tool kit contains:

 1.  Detailed Special Report:  "The 13 Amazing Secrets To Pricing Your Portrait And Wedding Photography For Maximum Profits and Minimum Work!"  This Report is the culmination of over 35 years of painful study and trial and error testing in my own studio.  The secrets revealed will shock and amaze you - but more importantly, they will MAKE YOU A TON OF EXTRA MONEY you would never have had if you hadn't discovered the secrets revealed in this Special Report.

 2.  My Portrait Price Lists which reveal to you how I use proven money-making secrets in my studio!  There are a number of amazing secrets that I use on this Price List, which you will discover the minute you look at it.  And once you start using them yourself, you will be amazed at how much extra money you'll be bringing in for NO EXTRA WORK AT ALL!

 3.  My Wedding Photography Price Lists - showing you the hundreds of powerful techniques I have discovered over the years to maximize profits with weddings - and make them EASIER to book, too!

 4.  My High School Senior Photography Price Lists - with some of the most amazing,  renegade money making merchandising anywhere in the photo industry!  Phenomenal secrets revealed to you!

 The boatload of pricing and merchandising secrets you discover from this Pricing Tool Kit will be worth thousands of dollars to you - so referring to this as a $129.97 value is ridiculous - but we need to put a value on it - so let's just say it's that - but you and I know it will be much, much higher than that.

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3 full months of "The Renegade Photographer Money-Making Secrets Revealed" Insider Newsletter and Audio CD's

 I'll be honest, this goes against my own 'rule' not to give out samples of my products, but I've decided to make a single exception, as a marketing test.  My bean counting accountant thinks I'm crazy to do this, but I don't care...

Here's What Hal Jaffe of  Memphis, TN Has To Say About The Secrets Revealed On This Webpage:

Bringing In About $500,000 THIS YEAR ALONE!  Shooting For
$1,000,000 Next Year!

"Chuck, I can't tell you enough what a lifesavers your monthly secrets have been!  I've had been a fairly successful photographer for many years - but things in the business REALLY started to change.  Things I'd been doing for years were no longer really working.  Then, I discovered your Money-Making Group.  Now, I'm making SUPER money!  I'm so thrilled that people are now willing to pay me what I deserve to be making!  This year, it looks like we're going to bring in about $500,000 - no kidding!  Next year, we're shooting to double that - and I have no doubt that's completely possible.  You have no idea (or obviously you do) what it's like to make a great living doing what I've always loved most.  Your devoted student and friend, Hal."

  -Hal Jaffe - Memphis, TN

 With that said, let me describe what I'm going to hand you:

 1.  For the next 3 months, you will receive my MONTHLY EXCLUSIVE "Renegade Photographer Money-Making Secrets Revealed" Top Secret AUDIO CD'S.  These CD's are crammed with the latest, greatest, most up to the minute money -making secrets, techniques and tips that you can IMMEDIATELY put to work in your studio.  Use these CD's as a fast track way to quickly and easily get the most powerful money-making secrets that non-members will never know about!

 2.  Also for the next 3 months, you'll receive "The Renegade Photographer Money -Making Secrets Revealed Insider Newsletter."  Each issue is loaded to the hilt with solid gold tips and techniques you won't find anywhere else.  It's the nearest thing to having me sit next to you in your studio and guide you with all your activities, and it will drop on your doorstep via first class mail every month.

 3.  Talk with me Personally with SPECIAL FREE CALL-IN DAYS.  At least three or four times a year, I schedule Open Call-In Days ONLY for my members, giving you the opportunity to have "one-on-one" access to me personally.  (I normally charge $800 an hour for telephone consulting.)

 4.  Powerful E-mail Q&A privileges - as an active member, you have the ability to fire off a short E-mail question to myself and my staff, and we will give you the answer back - saving you years and years of trial and error and painful mistakes.

 The regular price for membership is $39.97 a month, so you can see that this Gift is a $119.91 value.

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Top Secret Underground Audio CD:  "Never Worry About HOW TO SELL Your Photography EVER AGAIN!" 

    Have you ever wished that there was an easy way to "sell" your photography - a way that didn't involve becoming like a "used-car salesman" - a way that didn't involve you being the cheapest photographer in town - a way that didn't scare you to death every time it came time to ask for the money?

Does this sound familiar to you?

    You take some nice photographs of a child.  The mother seems very pleased with them, and now it's time to write up the order.  You're hoping it's going to be a good sale.   You ask her "what sizes would you like?"   She replies, "I think I'll take an 8x10 and a couple smaller ones."   Your heart almost breaks.  An 8x10 and a couple 5x7s is only going to make you a tiny bit of money.  Certainly not enough to live on, after your costs.

Here's What Jenny Wallace-Crounce of  Kingwood, TX Has To Say About The Secrets Revealed On This Webpage:

Average Sale Up by 400% - One Quarter Year Profits - $30,000!  Booking 90% of All Wedding Inquiries!

"Your secrets have been priceless to me!  I'm very new to photography, and after using your techniques for only 1 year, I've become one of the most successful photographers in my area.  Everytime I do what you teach I have amazing success.  Every time!  My average sale has JUMPED 400%!  ALL PROFIT!  For no more work than I was doing before.  In just the last quarter of last year, I made $30,000 profit!

My former most expensive wedding package is now the least expensive I sell.  I am closing 90% of my bridal consultations!  And the thing I love is that it's so easy, and it's not pressuring or "tricking" my clients.  It's all 100% honest. 

I just wanted to thank you personally."

  -Jenny Wallace-Crouse - Kingwood, TX

You'd Probably Throw Your Hands In The Air And Scream "I Spent All That Time Creating These Images For That!?"

Now, imagine this instead:

    The same customer - the same nice photographs.  Only instead of the 8x10 and couple 5x7s, she buys A 24x30 and two 11x14s!  FOR NO MORE WORK, you've just made a HUGE PROFIT!

So, How Do You Turn An 8x10 Sale Into A 24x30?

    It's easier than you think - but ONLY if you know the secret!  And that secret is DETAILED ON THIS AMAZING UNDERGROUND CD.  This secret DOES NOT involve pressure sales.  It doesn't involve a lot of STUDY AND MEMORIZATION.  It doesn't involve giving away a bunch of photographs for free.  Nothing like that.  You'll be SHOCKED AND AMAZED at how your clients will gladly invest in your larger photographs - never even considering a "tiny" 8x10 again!

Here's what ANOTHER photographer has to say about this secret in an email he sent me recently:

"Just wanted to drop you a note that I sold my first 40x50 last night!  First ever, and I followed the system.  Yea baby, you're right, it wasn't any harder to write 40x50 on the order than it was to write 8x10!"

                  - Scott Acree - Valencia, PA

 If you're serious about making more money on less work - this CD will be priceless to you!  Let's put a value of $99 on it - but you and I know it will be worth hundreds of times more money than that as you start using the secrets to bring in thousands of dollars you otherwise would not have had.

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Two Audio CD Set - "Weddings - If you do them , stop killing yourself and working so hard.  Here's The Magic Formula To Making HUGE MONEY, Doing FEWER Weddings Each Year!'" (NOTE:  Even if you DON'T photograph weddings, almost ALL of these secrets will work like magic for PORTRAIT photography,too!)

    Let's be honest here - Weddings ARE A LOT OF WORK!  That doesn't mean that we can't enjoy photographing them, but come on!  They can drive a photographer insane!  The pressure!  The crazy family members all putting in their two-cent's worth!  The long hours on weekends!  The logistical nightmare of photographing all those "once-in-a -lifetime" moments!  But weddings don't have to drive you crazy...

Here's What Paul Floyd of Mogadore, OH Has To Say About The Secrets Revealed On This Webpage:

Profits SOARED By 200%!

"Chuck, some great news!  I've used your secrets religiously, and I can't believe the results!  Immediately after using what I'd discovered in the a recent CD issue, one of my first clients bought my BIGGEST PACKAGE! A $6200 sale!  Last year, my sales were generally only around $1100!  What a difference, and for no more work.  Plus, in just two years time, my yearly profits have soared by 200%.  I can't say enough about what a lifesaver this has all been, and I'm only using a small fraction of the secrets you've given me.  I can't wait to see what happens when I implement them all.  The thing that really impressed me was how you guaranteed that this stuff works.  You said you'd give me my money back if I didn't get results, and that no-risk approach was what made my decision a no-brainer.  Any photographer who isn't sure whether to take the "leap of faith" and try out the Monthly CD's is absolutely nuts!  Heck, I'll give them their money back myself if it doesn't work!  Anyway, thank you again for your willingness to share your secrets."

  -Paul Floyd - Mogadore, OH

Have You Ever Said This To Yourself Or Your Spouse?

"The Bride & Groom Won't Listen To Me!  They Keep Telling ME What To Do!"

"I'm Not Making Enough Money To Make This Craziness Worth While!"

"Should I Give Away Photographs In Order To Book My Weddings?"

"I Wish I Had One Or Two Special Things To Offer My Brides That Would Set Me Apart From ALL OTHER Photographers In My Area!"

"I Would Kill For a Fool-Proof "SYSTEM' Detailing All The Photographs And The Order I Need To Create Them At The Wedding! - One That Will Work EVERY TIME!"

"What's The 'PERFECT' Wedding Packaging System?"

    If you're like most photographers, you've had to deal with these above challenges and questions, and many more.  Well, you aren't alone anymore!  And you don't have to start from square one either!  I've put together a "fool-proof" plan for absolute, amazing financial and creative freedom in wedding photography, and I detail it all for you on these two powerful, Underground CD's!

The above challenges (and 13 more) are discussed, and SECRETS ARE REVEALED that will make those problems a thing of the past! ALL ON THIS TWO AUDIO CD SET.

    AND REMEMBER - even if you don't photograph weddings, your portrait business will TAKE OFF because of these secrets, too!

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Two Audio CD Set:  "Amazing Marketing and Advertising Secrets Revealed"

    We're artists, not marketing course graduates!  How are we supposed to know how, where, and how much to pay for our marketing?  (actually, it's a good thing you're NOT a marketing course graduate - they don't teach this stuff in business school either!)

      This is a biggie!  You can't have been in business for longer than a few weeks without realizing that a funny thing happens if you don't advertise..... NOTHING

   A fact:  You will not have enough customers to make any sort of profit if you do not advertise correctly.  And the operative word is CORRECTLY.   If you are savvy enough to be advertising, you know that it's (usually) expensive as heck! Admit it - you'd much rather spend that advertising money on a new camera or some new lights, or a cool digital workstation, wouldn't you?

    If you simply put a small ad in the Yellow Pages for one year, it can cost you as much as a new camera!  

And don't even get me started on brochures!  They will suck you dry, leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth about "spending money to make money"!

Here's What Tammy Griffin of Ocala, FL Has To Say About The Secrets Revealed On This Webpage:

Built A NEW HOUSE Out Of Her Profits From ONE YEAR ALONE!

"Hello, Charles.  Your secrets have helped me so much!  I just sold my biggest session yet - $6400 for just one client.  It amazed me that they invested that much, and I know it's just going to get better.  I've made enough PROFITS this last year to build a new house!  This year, my profits are up by about 50%, and I'm still receiving great income from sessions I completed five months ago.  I love not having to do so many sessions, and still make the income I need.  Within months of using your secrets, everything started to come together, and I saw results immediately.  A word to any photographer who's not sure whether these secrets are right for the:  Get over it!  I'm serious!."

  -Tammy Griffin - Ocala, FL

    Direct marketing (marketing through the mail) is one of the most dangerous and risky forms of advertising out there.  Why?  Because most photographers are starting from SQUARE ONE - they're trying to make a "creative and attractive" brochure FROM SCRATCH, with some nice photos and some pretty fonts and a design that would win awards at graphic design conventions.  DON'T FEEL BAD if you think that's what a brochure should be like.  That's what we've been taught - but it's COMPLETELY WRONG!

    Did you know that, more than 85% of all color brochures sent out by photographers NEVER EVEN MAKE BACK THE MONEY IT COST TO PRINT THEM?  That's a staggering statistic.  So, all that time and money is down the drain.

    VERY expensive and time consuming.  I know.  I've done it.  I've done it for years.  And it's taken me that long to perfect the current Portrait Photography Brochure that I am using.  It works every time I mail it, so it's gone unchanged for over 5 years.  I'll reveal my secrets for this brochure on this CD, PLUS an even BETTER way to get great customers flocking to your door... 

Getting qualified, excited people to call you is easy - if you know the best kept marketing secret!

    There is a way to advertise your photography, FOR FREE, that will bring in more qualified customers than any other type of advertising or marketing.   Plus, you will know almost immediately how well it's working!  None of this "send out a brochure and pray the phone rings" garbage!

    This one advertising technique has been the backbone to my entire studio for the last 37 years.   And it still pulls in more qualified and excited customers than ALL MY OTHER ADVERTISING TECHNIQUES COMBINED. 

JUST IMAGINE.... What if you could have a method of advertising that would virtually "SUCK THE CUSTOMERS INTO YOUR STUDIO" on a daily basis, AND NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT?

And it's so easy, if you know the secrets.  DO NOT SPEND ANOTHER CENT on expensive marketing 'till you listen to these two audio CD's!

As I'm sure you can clearly see, hearing just ONE of these exclusive CD's above could easily be worth far more than the entire year's investment to be a member!


Unbelievably, There's Still MORE...

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New HOT-TIPS By Email - The Latest Secrets In Your Email Box IMMEDIATELY!

 Several times a month, I'll provide you with valuable tips, insider secrets and strategies that have been proven and tested in our studio, but that are still 'underground' and unknown in the photography profession.  These exciting money-making tips and techniques will come directly to you via E-mail!

Total Gift Value:  $812.88

Here's How To Claim The Most Amazing FREE GIFT Ever...

    I guess I should point out what should be obvious to you ... just ONE really good idea, strategy, or prod or nudge from me within this amazing collection of resources can easily produce a HUGE amount of added income in your photography business.

    To take advantage of THE MOST AMAZING FREE GIFT EVER there is just a one time charge of $11 to cover shipping and handling.


$16,000 From JUST ONE Sale - One Of His Biggest EVER! - PLUS Profits Have TRIPLED!

"First of all, Chuck, I have to tell you that our entire photography business has been built on your secrets, no exception.  And because of that, our profits have TRIPLED since we started using your stuff!   One of our largest sales ever was a $16,000 sale - I can hardly believe how great everything is working.  You know what I think makes the Monthly CD's so powerful?  The fact that you are also sharing the secrets of other photographers from all over the country who are using your information, and getting amazing results.  It's like a community or "mastermind group" of photographers all sharing their biggest hidden treasures.  By the way, the latest information you sent to your members is one of the best things yet!  Great stuff.  I wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you've done for my business, and for the photographic industry."

  -Steven Kramer - Redbank, NJ

    Ultimately, you have to experience everything I've promised here for yourself, because anything I or anyone else says really doesn't matter until YOU try it - right?

   Then, after the FREE three months of receiving your HUGE BOX of goodies, and the Newsletters and Audio CD's each month, I will automatically begin charging you a SPECIAL DISCOUNTED membership fee of just $29.85 each month as we send out the next Newsletter and Audio CD Issues.

And The Best, MOST WONDERFUL Guarantee Anywhere!!!

I'll send you all this great stuff for free (just $11 s&h).  If after the FREE three months, or anytime thereafter, you EVER want to cancel these benefits, simply give us a call at 1-800-645-5199 and we will STOP charging your credit card and stop sending you the photography money-making issues each month.  That's a promise.

No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings.  You must be completely thrilled .  If not, I want you to cancel your membership.  I'm on a mission here - to help you QUICKLY AND EASILY start getting the kind of money you know you deserve!

I'm sure that once you experience my MOST AMAZING FREE GIFT EVER, you will discover countless overlooked opportunities in your business that wil take it to a new level of profitability and personal satisfaction.  You'll start really LOVING it again!  You'll feel the excitement that comes with KNOWING that you can make really GREAT money with your photography!

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All the best,

Charles J. Lewis

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