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Join Other Photographers From All Over The World As We Reveal The Proven PHOTOGRAPHY SELLING SYSTEM That Can Have You Getting Up To DOUBLE Your PROFITS Between Now And The Holidays! LIVE ONLINE EVENT - Nov. 30th,
1pm - 2:30pm Eastern Time ONLY

Here's Exactly What Will Be Revealed During This 90-Minute Event:

      check-redThe 4 Biggest, Most Costly Selling Mistakes Made By Almost Every Photographer - and how to avoid making them yourself

      check-redAn Amazing Secret That Skyrocketed My Profits & How It Will Do The Same For You

      check-redA Simple Change You Can Make In Your Photography Selling That Will Make You Much More Money Fast, & Have People Respecting You Much More, Too

      check-redA HUGE Sales "Secret Weapon" You Can Start Using Immediately to Make Way More Money With Your Photography - this works quickly, and is very easy to put into action

      check-redOne Of The Easiest Things You Can Do Right Now To Double, Triple, Even Quadruple Your Profits Almost Immediately - FAST-ACTION ITEM

      check-redOne Of The Most Powerful Photo Biz Secrets That Took Me Years to Discover, That Saves So Much Pain & Suffering

      check-redOne Of My All Time Most Amazing "Studio Secrets" That Makes a Huge Difference in the Perceived Value of Your Photography.

      check-redPLUS - A LIVE Q&A Session Where We Answer Questions LIVE From Attendees On How To DOUBLE Your Average Sale Between Now & The Holidays!


      Who Am I, And Why Should You Listen To Anything I Have To Say?

      "How I Turned My Love For Photography Into A Ton Of Money In My Pocket:

      (and how this secret will work for YOU TOO!)

          All I wanted to do was take great photographs.  That's all.  I didn't want to become a businessperson.  I didn't want to run my own company.  I just wanted to take my camera and my lighting equipment and my cool backgrounds and create images that would make my clients cry whenever they looked at them.  I wanted other photographers to look at my work and respect it.  I spent nearly every waking moment with either a camera up to my eye, or a photography book in my hands.  I ate, drank, and slept f-stops and shutterspeeds.

          Then, something happened that I will NEVER forget.

          I found myself with a mortgage to pay, a wife and two children who needed meals put on the table, and a photography business that was less about photography, and more about stress and fear.  I was working an average of 70 hours a week.  I felt like a "photo -factory" - I was just "cranking clients through" on a conveyor belt, snapping as many pictures in as short a time as possible, and hating the results.  I was sinking money I didn't have into advertising that didn't work.  I even spent $4460 IN ONE YEAR on a yellow page ad that only booked me one session!

          And what was even worse was:  I was beginning to resent photography.  It wasn't even fun anymore.

          I knew that if I didn't do something quickly, I would be stuck doing something I used to love, but had grown to dislike, for the rest of my life.  I couldn't let that happen.

          So, I made the decision that changed my life.  I resolved to learn the things the other 99% of all photographers in the world don't know.  I bought every book, every tape set, every video I could get my hands on about breakthroughs in marketing, selling, and making money.  I reviewed the materials endlessly - over and over again, until I could almost recite them from memory.  I listened to the audio tapes in my car everywhere I drove.  In fact, my radio was broken for over 3 years, and I never got it fixed because I was only using my tape deck.  I even listened to tapes every morning while in the shower (battery operated tape player, of course)!

         I became an EXPERT on MEGA-PROFIT techniques.  The scary thing I realized was that ANYONE could learn these techniques if they wanted to.  ANYONE!  But I also understood that most photographers didn't learn this stuff because it didn't directly apply to the photography business.  The stuff I learned came from business geniuses in other fields, so I had to adapt it for my photography business.  That was hard work, but it paid off BIG TIME!

         Within one year of studying and adapting these techniques, I went from dead broke to making over $115,000 PROFIT from my photography!

         You wouldn't believe the feeling of security that came from knowing I would never have to worry about money again.

         PLUS - my love for photography was totally reborn!  The stress was gone, and my creativity exploded!  I was able to take more time with my clients, because I was making so much more money from each one.  And my clients were more thrilled with the photographs than ever before.

         Then, I decided it was time to reveal the secrets I had learned to the rest of the photographic industry - at least those who were ready to learn them.

         You've heard the expression - "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  Well, I felt it was time to let the industry know what I had discovered, and for those photographers who were ready, it was time to reveal the big secrets that would make photographers more creative and much, much richer.

         Within one year, I realized that ALL the secrets to Mega-Profits in photography would work for ANY PHOTOGRAPHER who used them, regardless of where they lived, what type of photography they did, who their clients were, or what type of equipment they used!

         I started by speaking at photographic conventions.  As much as I enjoyed talking about f-stops and shutterspeeds and depth of field, I was finding a handful (very large handful) of photographers who wanted to find out how to make big money from photography.  I guess word had gotten out that my photography business was doing very well.  The photographic industry is a small one, and word travels fast. 

         So, here I was talking about photographic techniques at conventions, and suddenly, I was being asked how I was making over $100,000 a year with my photography, working only 30 hours a week.  There was a real desire to learn what I had discovered. 

         In no time at all, I was being asked to speak at conventions all over the U.S. about the secrets to getting rich with photography.  Then, I embarked on what would become the heart of my success training career - SEMINAR TOURS.  My first tour consisted of only five cities.  I wasn't sure about what I was doing, so I thought I'd start small.

         That little five city tour almost killed me!  It was a ton of work!  But, I fell in love with the interaction with the photographers who came to learn the techniques I was teaching.  I even recorded some of these seminars on audio cassette, and made them available to photographers who wanted to learn the stuff, but weren't able to attend the classes.

      I was AMAZED at the number of people salivating for these secrets!

         What started as a little five-city tour, over the next 10 years, became an annual 30-city whirlwind tour!  And, throughout my teaching career, I've continued to run a very successful and profitable studio, and create a library full of books, audio tapes, and videos passing on everything I've learned in nearly 40 years in the business.

      This is my legacy. This is what I want to leave behind.  Next to my wife and two children, the educational materials I've created are the things that are dearest to my heart.

         Now, I spend much of my days consulting one-on-one with some of my best and most long-term students, and passing my proven marketing secrets on to new photographers who may never have worked with me before.  I'm deeper into the industry than I ever have been, as I'm talking to students, helping them to make their photography businesses what they've always dreamed they would be - AND MORE!

         I love this profession so much, and truly believe that ANY photographer can be a great financial success if they discover the secrets most other photographers will NEVER discover...."

      Charles J. Lewis

Get signed up for this event right now, and PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR !   Don't let anything keep you from attending this event.  

What could possibly be more important than discovering these secrets for yourself?   Think of how much extra money will be coming to you when you're able to increase your profits (or even DOUBLE them) from nearly every client you photograph!  

We're talking THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of extra dollars a month - all profit - and all without having to train for years to become a "Selling Expert."

I'll talk to you during this LIVE Digital Online Workshop this Tuesday, Nov. 30th at 1pm Eastern Time.   BE SURE TO NOTE THE TIME DIFFERENCE IF YOU'RE IN A DIFFERENT TIME ZONE!


Charles Lewis
M. Photog., Cr.

Nov. 30th EVENT

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