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Sept. 12th Event Start Time:
1:00pm Eastern Time

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Join Other Photographers From All Over The World As We Reveal The Proven PHOTOGRAPHY SELLING SYSTEM That Can Have You Getting Up To DOUBLE Your Current Payment From Your Clients And Bring You TONS More Money Within 17 Days (or less).
September 12th,
1:00pm - 2:30pm Eastern Time ONLY

Here's Exactly What Will Be Revealed During This 90 -Minute Event:

      check-redThe 4 Biggest, Most Costly Selling Mistakes Made By Almost Every Photographer - and how to avoid making them yourself

      check-redAn Amazing Secret That Skyrocketed My Profits & How It Will Do The Same For You

      check-redA Simple Change You Can Make In Your Photography Selling That Will Make You Much More Money Fast, & Have People Respecting You Much More, Too

      check-redA HUGE Sales "Secret Weapon" You Can Start Using Immediately to Make Way More Money With Your Photography - this works quickly, and is very easy to put into action

      check-redOne Of The Easiest Things You Can Do Right Now To Double, Triple, Even Quadruple Your Profits Almost Immediately - FAST-ACTION ITEM

      check-redOne Of The Most Powerful Photo Biz Secrets That Took Me Years to Discover, That Saves So Much Pain & Suffering

      check-redOne Of My All Time Most Amazing "Studio Secrets" That Makes a Huge Difference in the Perceived Value of Your Photography.

      check-redPLUS - A LIVE Q&A Session Where We Answer Questions LIVE From Attendees On How To DOUBLE Your Average Sale Within 17 Days!

Get signed up for this event right now, and PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR   Don't let anything keep you from attending this event.  

What could possibly be more important than discovering these secrets for yourself?   Think of how much extra money will be coming to you when you're able to increase your profits (or even DOUBLE them) from nearly every client you photograph!  

We're talking THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of extra dollars a month - all profit - and all without having to train for years to become a "Selling Expert."

I'll talk to you during this LIVE Digital Online Workshop Thursday, Sept. 12th at 1:00pm Eastern Time.   BE SURE TO NOTE THE TIME DIFFERENCE IF YOU'RE IN A DIFFERENT TIME ZONE!


Charles Lewis
M. Photog., Cr.


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