CJ-with-camera4 Major Photography & Money Making EXPERTS Give You All The Secrets You Need To DESTROY This Recession (For You At Least) And Get RICH New Clients Booking You - NOW!

From Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog., Cr - The "Renegade Portrait & Wedding Photographer"

They Laughed When I Told Them That Success And Major Profits In Photography Was Easier Than Picking Out A New Camera - But They're Not Laughing Now!

FRUSTRATIONS!  Are These Problems Plaguing You Right Now?:

 1.  "I don't have enough clients - period!   The phone isn't ringing, people aren't contacting me hardly at all, and if I don't get this figured out fast, I don't know what I'm going to do!"

2.  "I don't have the time or the money to do any real marketing to bring people into my studio now - I really need something FAST to fix this problem - CHEAPLY!"

3.  "I'm having trouble sleeping at night - I know I'm working hard, and I know I do good work, but I just can't seem to bring in the money.  If I don't figure something out fast, I might have to close down and get a "real job," and I don't want to do that!"

4.  "If someone would just show me, in very simple terms, exactly what to do RIGHT NOW to bring in clients fast without spending much money at all, I would take action and do those things for sure!"!

5.  "I don't know who to listen to - there are so many photographers out there who claim to know what to do to make money in this recession - but how do I know that what they say will work really will?  With the internet, everyone can claim to be an expert, how do I pick who to believe and trust?"

If You're Feeling ANY Of These Things, I Understand How You Feel, And Have The Proof To Show What Needs To Be Done Now.   And it's so FAST and EASY, most photographers won't even believe it's possible.... that's good for YOU, because you'll have the "LEG-UP."


Dear Fellow Photographer and Friend,

I love photography - I truly do.   More than I love just about anything in this world (other than my family, and my dog Freddie, that is).  There's no other profession I'd rather be in - ever.   The images I get  to create, the families I've gotten to touch with the priceless memories I've created for them - there's just nothing better.     

However, there have been times - many, many years ago, when I thought to myself - "What am I doing in this business?   I'm nearly broke, and I don't know what marketing to do, and even if I did, I couldn't really afford it.   Maybe I should just get a 'job' and support my family the way I need to."   What a HORRIBLE feeling to have.   I'm so glad I haven't felt that way in a LONG time...

We have to balance our desire to do photography as a profession, and the fact that we have to MAKE MONEY to survive. 

About 30 years ago, I came VERY close to quiting photography, and getting a "job."   In fact, I had an engineering background and training, so I knew I would be able to find a good-paying job without too much trouble.   I was heart-broken to think about leaving my passion - photography - and "selling out" getting a "real job."  But I just didn't see any other options.

Then, almost if by fate or divine intervention, I discovered something that changed my life forever.   I'm going to tell you all about it in just a minute...

But first, what if I told you it is TOTALLY possible to not only survive, but make more money than you ever thought possible in photography - RIGHT NOW, in this terrible economy - what would you say to that?

Maybe you would say "Chuck, I think you're off your rocker!   I think you've taken too many strobes to the face!   You're not thinking straight!"

Maybe you would say "Sure, Chuck, in a better economy, maybe - but right now it seems NO ONE is looking for quality photography by professionals."

Maybe you'd say "Chuck, you just don't get it.   The photo industry is completely different now.  Sure, you survived before, but photographers are dropping like FLIES right now!"

Or maybe you would say "If I had a staff of people and lots of money to spend on marketing - then, MAYBE I could get enough people into the studio to start making some money."

 THE COLD HARD TRUTH:   Some photographers are THRIVING right now - making more money than ever before, but NOT by following the "traditional wisdom" floating around out there!  There are simple NEW secrets that are making all the difference - and ANYONE can put them into action FAST, and with little (or no) money.   No joke. 

THE DREAM:   We aren't asking for something unfair, are we?   We just want to make a great living doing what we LOVE to do - photography.   We think we could make better money if we went to business school and became an accountant or something, but that's not what we WANT.   We want to make really great money while creating wonderful photography for thrilled clients.  

Seems IMPOSSIBLE during this
stupid bad economy, doesn't it?

That's where so many photographers are getting it wrong!  Right now, even during this recession (depression), there are photographers who are doing REALLY well - in fact, many are doing better than they could have imagined. 

$16,000 From JUST ONE Sale - One Of His Biggest EVER! - PLUS Profits Have TRIPLED!

"First of all, Chuck, I have to tell you that our entire photography business has been built on your secrets, no exception.  And because of that, our profits have TRIPLED since we started using your stuff!   One of our largest sales ever was a $16,000 sale - I can hardly believe how great everything is working.  You know what I think makes the Monthly CD's so powerful?  The fact that you are also sharing the secrets of other photographers from all over the country who are using your information, and getting amazing results.  It's like a community or "mastermind group" of photographers all sharing their biggest hidden treasures.  By the way, the latest information you sent to your members is one of the best things yet!  Great stuff.  I wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you've done for my business, and for the photographic industry."

  -Steven Kramer - Redbank, NJ

What do you WANT from your photography business?   What lifestyle do you WANT to have RIGHT NOW?

This is an important question you MUST answer right now.   Why does your photography business exist?  Beyond the creative and artistic aspects - what do you want your photography studio to do for you?

GET OUT OF DEBT & NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MONEY AGAIN? - There's a sense of freedom unlike anything you can imagine when you no longer have to worry about where the money is going to come from.   Many people believe you have to be in stocks, or own a major company, or be the creator of Google or Facebook or Microsoft in order to know that kind of freedom.   Not the case at all.   MANY photographers I know have become independently wealthy thanks to their successful photography businesses. 

VACATIONS? - Do you want to be able to take one or two months a year and go on vacations to far-off (or not-so-far-off) places?  Most photographers can't imagine actually being able to take 2 WEEKS away from their business, much less 2 MONTHS a year.   But it is totally possible, when you use the secrets the 4 PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPERTS are going to reveal to you.

For my wife Cheri and I - we like to take our RV and go cross country visiting all the various states of our great US of A.   For my son Todd, he's a SCUBA diver, and he heads to the tropics once or twice a year to swim with the sharks and such.

Where would you go, and what would you do if you were able to take 1 or 2 months a year away from your photography business knowing that it's making you enough money to do so?

BUY A NEW HUGE HOME?   Maybe you've always wanted a bigger home - something that you can spend the rest of your life in and NEVER feel cramped for space again?  Maybe you want a mansion.   Maybe a place on the water (that's what my wife Cheri and I always wanted, and were fortunate enough to be able to purchase a home on the water about 12 Years ago because of our photography business.)   Some people want lots of land for horses and such.   Maybe you want a summer home you can get away to in your spare time.

SIDE NOTE:   Once you implement these secrets, and you have that extra money coming in, now is a GREAT time to be looking at buying homes!   It's a buyer's market out there!  

MAKE GREAT DONATIONS TO CHARITIES YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT? - There are far worse ways to be able to spend your money.   When you get to a point where you have enough to live the way you want to live, it's always good to give back.   You'll be able to do that, if you desire, when you discover the secrets of the RICH photographers.

A NEW CAR, NEW BOAT, NEW HOME THEATER?   Whatever floats your boat (pun intended), you can do it!   Don't think that because you're in photography that you've doomed yourself to a life of just scraping by, and always having to struggle for money.   That should NEVER be the case for any photographer who understands....

It's All About Working SMARTER -
NOT Working Harder!

Whatever your dream is - no matter what you decide you'd like to do with the income you have amassed - the point is:   Photography Is A GREAT Business To Be In!   It Has The Potential To Make You Rich Beyond Your WILDEST Dreams.

My father, bless his heart, gave me some bad advice when I was growing up.   He meant well, absolutely, but I now realize that he was DEAD WRONG.

You probably got some advice like this at some point in your life too.

LISTEN To What ROCKEY KERNS- A Great Photographer in Gahanna, OH Has To Say About My Money-Making Photo Secrets:
(Just click on the PLAY Button below)

"I Would Go Without EATING Before I'd Give Up the Inner-Circle Membership."  

Listen To The Rest Of His Story Above!

-Rockey Kerns - Gahanna, OH

Does this sound familiar?:

Here's what my father told me:  "Son, if you want to be successful in life, you have to pay your dues.   You have to work hard - put in your time, and if you do that, you'll be just fine."  

Have you ever had someone you love and respect say something like that to you?   It sounds smart, doesn't it?  It kinda seems to make sense.  Nothing is free - you have to work HARD to get what you want out of life.

It took me about 15 years of trial and error to realize that this advice was wrong.  Working HARD was not the key.   I was putting in over 70 hours a week - I was photographing anyone I could get my hands on.  I virtually never saw my wife and two kids.  And I was still... BROKE.

But I was doing what my father, and many other people, had told me I needed to do.  I was working my ASS off (excuse my language).   Night and day, living and breathing my photography business.  

And nearly every single week, I had to make a horrible decision:   Was I going to use the little profit I had made on food for my family, or film for my camera for the next week?  (Yes, those were the "old days" when we still used good-ol film.)  

It seemed like NOTHING I did mattered.   I took great photographs.   I thrilled the few clients I had.   And I was trying to "get the word out" about my photography studio.   But I wasn't making any money.

That's when I discovered a simple hard truth.   It's not how HARD you work, it's how SMART.  And to be SMART, you must take advice from people who are where you want to be!

This simple bit of knowledge - this seemingly common-sense statement - changed my life forever.  Since making that discovery, I've not struggled for money once.   Not even through 5 recessions!   I have copied the things that the truly successful photographers have done.


FACT:  There is only ONE thing you need to have in order to have the photography business of your dreams - RIGHT NOW - and do it on your terms.

What is that one thing? (let me tell you what it is NOT first...)

It's NOT lots of money (in fact, if you have $15 - you have all you'll need to get started!)

It's NOT a degree from business school and tons of marketing savy.

It's NOT the best camera and lighting equipment around.

It's NOT a great store-front studio in an expensive part of town.

It's NOT years and years of trial and error and "paying your dues."

It's NOT a rich uncle who leaves you hundreds of thousands of dollars in his will.

The ONLY thing you need to become a GREAT financial and creative success in photography is:


A Proven System From Actual Photographers Who Have Made It Work - And Their Guidance As To How To Put It Into Action FAST!

That's it!   Don't stress over figuring out WHAT to do!   Don't knock yourself out wondering what the best approach is RIGHT NOW.   Just COPY the system that other photographers have already tested, proven, and are using themselves to be ultra-successful and VERY profitable - right this second as you're reading this.

FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS ONLY - Till August 18th at 11:59pm EST - I've Convinced 4 Of The Best Photographic Minds In The World Right Now To Let Me Share Their SPECIFIC Secrets With You - RISK-FREE - For 13 FULL DAYS.

Marketing-and-Photography-kitANNOUNCING:   "The 2010 Photography Mastermind Marketing & Photographic Package"! - The Latest Secrets From Leading Photographers On How To Make HUGE Profits In Photography


Here's the deal.

We know that times are tough, and that many photographers are watching every dime they spend.  However, I know many photographers realize that, if they keep doing what they're doing now, they will probably be out of business within 6 months - maybe a year at best.

So, I've made a deal with 4 AMAZINGLY SUCCESSFUL photographers to let you have FULL-ACCESS to this entire PROFIT-GENERATING system - 3 FULL -LENGTH VIDEOS (and more, read on...) for 13 days to "test-drive" it, if you will.  

What's even better - you don't even have to wait a week or so to have them shipped to you.   We'll digitally deliver these videos to your computer within 2 business days, so you can start using these secrets MUCH faster!

If you've been looking for the best secrets from photographers in the trenches right now - the exact step-by-step secrets they're using to be VERY profitable, as well as CREATIVE lighting, posing, and enhancement secrets that's winning them TONS of awards, this "Photography MASTERMIND Package" is for you.

But don't take my word for it - you can try it out for 13 days, NOT for $500 (which is what we would sell them for if we sold them separately - and they are TOTALLY worth that) - No, you don't pay $500.  Not $200.   Not $100.  Not $50.   Nope.

You get all of these secrets for just $7 for the rest of August!    Once you purchase your 13 day ALL-ACCESS pass to these full-length videos, we'll email you with your confidential username and password within 2 business days, so you can access them right away. 

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You get a trial membership (with FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Inner-Circle Photographer's Money-Making Membership Site For 13 Days) including the 3-video programs listed above - all for only $7!   Plus, starting in September, if you don't cancel, you will be able to remain a member at the special discounted rate of only $29 per month ($34 if you're outside the U.S.) to continue your access to this information as long as you want to stay a member.  
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What One Photographer Has To Say About Our Secrets:

LISTEN To What STEVE FILARSKY - A Wonderful Artist in Franklinton, NC Has To Say About My Money-Making Photo Secrets:
(Just click on the PLAY Button below & to the left)

"I Would Say These Secrets Have Been Worth, To Us, About
$75,000 Over The Years!"

Listen To The Rest Of His Story Above!

-Steven Filarsky - Franklinton, NC


Don't worry - we aren't one of those groups out there that wants to make it hard for you to cancel your membership.   We don't want anyone to stay a member who doesn't feel they are getting TONS of great secrets from it.

If, for ANY REASON you decide you don't need access to these videos or the membership after your 13 day all-access pass, simply call or email us, and we'll cancel your membership immediately - no hard feelings, no questions asked.

To cancel, simply call us at 1-800-645-5199, or send an email to lewisinner@aol .com letting us know you want to cancel your membership.   There are no questions asked, and there's no minimum length of time you need to stay a member.   We're quite sure that, once you discover the HUGE library of photography money-making secrets available on this membership site, that you won't want to cancel, because you'll be making so much money from it.

Now, Back to the "Photography Mastermind Marketing & Photographic Package," which you get for 13 DAYS unlimited access (along with your access to the "Photographer's Inner-Circle Money-Making SITE) for only $7 - - Here's What's Included:

Facebook-dvdVIDEO PROGRAM #1
"Photographer & FACEBOOK EXPERT Thomas Morelli  Reveals HUGE FACEBOOK MARKETING SECRETS For Photographers That Bring In Clients Like CRAZY!"

Within MINUTES of watching this 97 minute video program, you'll be armed and ready to use FACEBOOK to start bringing in new clients to you IMMEDIATELY!    This is one of the fastest ways to drive clients to your photography business that I've ever seen, and Tom Morelli is not only a great photographer, but he's using FACEBOOK better than any other photographer I've seen.

SEE, HEAR, AND DISCOVER THESE SECRETS - During This 97 Minute Program:

  FB now more powerful than Google! - No joke...  And Tom reveals how you can capitalize on this MASSIVE resource of potential clients FAST, CHEAPLY, and EASILY.

The "2010 FB-POST FORMULA" - Did you know there's a formula for using FB posts to bring in clients FAST?   If you deviate from this formula, even a little bit, your posts are nearly USELESS.   Tom has perfected this formula, and he revealed it during this event.

2 Secrets concerning "comments" - this technique surprised even me, and I'm a Facebook hound!   Is it going to surprise you as well??

How To Use Facebook "TAGGING"  to SKY-ROCKET Your Photo Bookings - this single tip could be worth thousands of dollars to you within the first 2 weeks of using it.   It's nearly INSTANT FINANCIAL gratification (and we like that, don't we?)

Are You Using "Facebook MESSAGING" The Right Way? (or are you like most photographers out there who are doing it ALL WRONG?  -  Here, Tom will walk you through how to do it RIGHT, every time, and bring in more clients because of it.

MAJOR MYTH SHATTERED:   The confusion of FAN PAGES vs. PROFILE -  This area is a source of confusion for a lot of Facebook users - Tom will clear all that up during this event, and show you how to use BOTH to add profits to your bottom line.

Just "POSTING" Isn't Enough - You must take the NEXT STEP (the step 87% of people on FB don't know to do) - during this section of the event, Tom will give priceless tips on posting URL's to drive people to you - FAST.

Facebook's "PRIME-TIME POSTS" - ever wonder when the best times of day are to post for max results on Facebook?   Tom's figured it out, and he reveals those secret "Prime-Time Posts" to you...  (note:   post at the WRONG time= little result..... post at the RIGHT time= GREAT results...)

Business vs. personal posts - what's the secret? - you can't have been on Facebook for any period of time and not asked yourself this question.   Tom not only asked it - he has ANSWERED it, and will answer it once and for all here.

3 Easy Ways to Build Friends Quickly and Effectively - if you don't do this, nothing else matters!   The best posts in the world mean NOTHING if you don't have friends who will see them.   MAJOR "FRIEND-MAKER" SECRETS REVEALED...

Using Pay Per Click ads on FB - How To Bring In Customers Quickly With A Technique That Not Nearly Enough Photographers Are Using (yet).   They will be soon - be at the forefront of this client -attracting frenzy!

Q&A Session - Tom answered some BIG FB questions - and you get to hear the answers too!

Also, You'll Be Invited Into Tom's Studio To See What He's Up To, And How His Studio Looks.

And We'd Be CRAZY Not To Share At Least A Few Of Tom's GREAT PHOTOGRAPHS.   On Top Of Being A Facebook GENIUS - He's Also A Great Photographer...

and much, much more.... we crammed a LOT of great secrets into 1 1/2 hours - NO B.S., no time for idol chatting.   This video program is PRICELESS!


"Photographic Money-Making Genius (who brings in $600,000 per year with her own photography studio) Reveals The 'MEGA -PROFITS in 30 Days Or Less' System!"

Dina Ivory has taken her photography studio to a point where it makes $600,000 PER YEAR, and she's showing now signs of slowing down!   What is she doing that's bringing her in all that money?   She reveals ALL for you right here - in this full-length video program.   Many of the things she reveals can be acted on right away to start seeing profits coming in FAST!

SEE, HEAR, AND DISCOVER THESE SECRETS - During This 98 Minute Program:

Section 1: "Children's Model Program That Brought In Over
$30,000 in ONE MONTH!   ALL DONE ONLINE - No Expensive Printing To Be Done!

      check-redThis amazing "Children's Model Program" she is using SERIOUSLY brought in over $30,000 in ONE MONTH!

      check-redSee everything - exactly how she does it - the ad, the website, the sales copy, and how the images are presented - EVERYTHING TOTALLY ONLINE - no expensive PRINTING needed! 

      check-redEven the ordering is all done online - it's as hands-off as I've ever seen, and there's no in-person sales presentation! 

      check-redIn a climate where many photographers are struggling to survive and thrive, Dina will show you EXACTLY how she's THRIVING right now - in the summer of 2010!

Section 2: "Dina's secrets to using EMAIL MARKETING To Bring In Huge Profits!
(includes one campaign that brought in $11,880 in 2 days, and another that brought in $4,374 in 1 day!   YOU SEE IT ALL!)

      check-redDina walks you through her great techniques for using emails as a powerful marketing tool.

      check-redSee an email she sent out that brought in $11,880 in just TWO DAYS! Nothing held back - you see it ALL!   Feel free to use this secret for yourself as well, since she's going to show you the whole email - everything that brought in that fast money in just 2 days!

      check-redSee an email that brought in $4,374 all by itself in just one day!  Yes - copy this one as well, and rock and roll with it!

      check-redThe key here is - you get to see her latest emails that look fantastic and work like magic!  NO SECRETS KEPT HIDDEN!

Section 3: "LATEST FACEBOOK MONEY-MAKING SECRETS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS - How Dina Uses Facebook As An Extremely Powerful Marketing Tool!"

      check-redDiscover Dina's "Secret Weapons" for using Facebook as an amazing, FREE marketing tool.

      check-redSee some of her most effective posts on Facebook!

      check-redFan Pages vs Profile Page - which is most effective?

      check-redGET TONS OF FRIENDS - FAST!  3 Powerful ways to build FB friends/fans quickly and easily!

      check-redBusiness vs. personal posts - what are her secrets?

      check-redand much, much more....


"Award-Winning Lighting, Posing, and Enhancement Secrets With Joe & Mary Jean Campanellie!"

During this 96 minute video program, photographers Joe & Mary Jean Campanellie will reveal their secrets for creating AWARD-WINNING portraits for Families, Children, Seniors, and Bridals.

   Joe will show some of their best and most praised images and reveal EXACTLY how they were created, including showing detailed lighting diagrams that show you all you need to know.  Also, Mary Jean will reveal her secrets to enhancing the images and adding artistic effects that set their work apart from all others.  

Joe Campanellie, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, F-ASP, is the only photographer in Maryland who holds both the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees from Professional Photographers of America and is also a Fellow of the American Society of Photographers.  He has also earned numerous honors, including twenty five Kodak Gallery Awards for Photographic and Technical Excellence, two Kodak Elite Awards for Photographic and Technical Excellence and eleven Fuji Masterpiece Awards. During state competitions, Campanellie has won 25 Best in Show awards and 18 Photographer of the Year awards. He has been Image Maker of the Year in Maryland for the past six years and in Pennsylvania for the past five. He was also the president of the Maryland Professional Photographer's Association in 2000 and 2001.

 Mary Jean Campanellie: as a child her Mom recognized her interest in art and enrolled Mary Jean in her first art class at the age of 8. Since that time she has always pursued her artistic talents in one form or another.  She is both an accomplished photographer and photographic artist. For 14 years she worked as the head designer for a wholesale bridal headpiece and veil manufacturing company. Her customized bridal designs were sold world wide and accounted for gross sales of over $1.5 million dollars a year. Many of her designs have been featured on the covers of such national magazines as Bride's, Modern Bride and People Magazine. When she joined the studio full time she then turned her talents to create a "Signature Series" of  portraits using oils, dyes, and now with digital painting techniques.

 As a member of the Professional Photographer's of America she is part of a very select group of Certified Photographic Artists and she holds the Photographic Craftsman Degree from PPA . She has an extensive background in both fine art and fashion design that contributes to the success of her images. Her contemporary style of hand coloring and print enhancements are known for their ability to reflect the romantic images of the past in a contemporary, impressionistic style. Combining hand coloring and print enhancement techniques, this photographic style becomes a form of personal art that transcends the boundaries of traditional photography. As the creative half of this team, she adds a unique blend of feminine insight and sensitivity necessary to create the distinctive style that has become a trademark of their studio.

          A number of her images have been displayed as part of PPA's International Print Exhibit and the National Loan Collection. She has been honored by the Fuji Film Corporation for an unprecedented 21 times as the recipient of the Fuji Masterpiece Award and by Eastman Kodak twice for photographic print enhancement. Mary Jean was named Pennsylvania's "Image Maker of the Year". This marked the first time that this prestigious award had ever been won by a photographic artist. She received the coveted Master Artist Degree from the Professional Photographer's of America. Mary Jean is the only individual in the state of Maryland who has achieved this level of artistic and photographic expertise.

Both Joe and Mary Jean are very active throughout the country as guest lecturers and judges. As members of both the Maryland and Pennsylvania associations they have put in countless hours in an effort to further promote these associations and their craft. Mary Jean and Joe are recipients of the prestigious National Award for outstanding service to professional photography. Joe received his from the Maryland Association in 2002 and Mary Jean in 2004.

 Whether as artists, judges, or speakers, Mary Jean and Joe have shown many times that they are willing to share their talents and expertise with their fellow photographers. Their easy going personalities and their willingness to share with fellow photographers have made their informative programs a much sought after event at state, regional, and national conventions.

You will not want to miss the amazing secrets they reveal in this video program!   Your photography will immediately benefit from their ideas, and you'll become the most famous photographer around (and maybe even win some awards)!

Again - you get access to these 3 video programs for 13 days for only $7!   You can watch them as much as you want, and if for any reason, you decide you don't need them any longer after the 13 days, just let us know, and we won't charge you anything else after that.  

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You get a trial membership (with FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Inner-Circle Photographer's Money-Making Membership Site For 13 Days) including the 3-video programs listed above - all for only $7!   Plus, starting in September, if you don't cancel, you will be able to remain a member at the special discounted rate of only $29 per month ($34 if you're outside the U.S.) to continue your access to this information as long as you want to stay a member.  
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So, there you have it - only $7 bucks for TONS of videos - full access for 13 days.

HOWEVER, I Can Only Offer This Special Deal For The Next 48 hours.  

Why?  Because it's not fair to my current members to let every photographer have access to all these secrets for only $7!  My wife and business-partner Cheri pointed this out, and felt VERY strongly about it, and I agree with her.   So, I had to agree to only allow the fast-acting photographers to take advantage of this amazing deal. 

So, on Wednesday, August 18th, at 11:59pm Eastern Time, this offer WILL expire - no exceptions.   Sorry, but I do have to be fair to all my members - I'm sure you understand.


You get a trial membership (with FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Inner-Circle Photographer's Money-Making Membership Site For 13 Days) including the 3-video programs listed above - all for only $7!   Plus, starting in September, if you don't cancel, you will be able to remain a member at the special discounted rate of only $29 per month ($34 if you're outside the U.S.) to continue your access to this information as long as you want to stay a member.  
Don't worry, you may cancel at ANY TIME.

All the best,

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