photography-marketing-guy"How To Find People Who Actually WANT To Spend More Money On Photography - No More Price Shoppers!"

Probably the single biggest challenge
facing photographers today is "how
to find people who actually WANT to
spend good money for quality photography."

You know what I mean, right? Sometimes it seems like the majority of people contacting us are looking for cheap, cheap, cheap!

Especially now, when
the competition from low-price studios
is increasing, seemingly by the day.

Well, here's a little-known secret:
"no matter what happens, there will
ALWAYS be people looking for quality,
and who are willing to invest a good sum
of money to get it."

During recessions - those people are
still out there. In every city, town, and
burg, those people exist. And YOU
can get them to contact you, if you
know how to do it.

There are 3 key areas to any photography marketing
campaign, whether it's online or offline,
that will determine whether or not you
reach the right people who are looking
to invest more money:

1. The photo-marketing piece you send.
2. The offer you make
3. The source of the names you mail to.

All 3 of these areas are PARAMOUNT to
your success as a marketer of photographic
services, and don't forget - that's what you
are!  You are NOT a photographer!  Okay, you're not ONLY a photographer.  First and foremost, you must get people in the door!

So, let's talk a little about each of these 3 areas.

First, the marketing you send out.  If you've been studying with me for any length of time, you know that marketing is SO MUCH more than simply sending out a color brochure once or twice a year!  It's so much more than a yellow-pages ad and a website.  Your marketing is the FRONT LINE in your battle to be an ultra-successful and RICH photographer.

You should be marketing constantly.  At any given moment, you should be preparing a marketing campaign of some sort to go in the very near future.

That sounds tough, doesn't it?  Well, it's not.  Not at all.  Because, some of your marketing campaigns are going to be easy and very inexpensive.  They may be an email blast to your past clients.  They may be a lift-card or postcard campaign.  They may be a newsletter with a special offer.  They may be an endorsed mailing with a local business, or a fantastic testimonial brochure.  It may be updating part of your website to more actively go after BOOKING clients.

Whatever the case, you should always be working on increasing your marketing.  A good marketer NEVER stops marketing. 

Secondly, the offer you make.  We've talked before about the importance of an irresistible offer.  You must have one - and offer that someone would feel completely foolish NOT to take you up on.  This does NOT mean giving away free photographs (which I never do.)  But it does mean creating a compelling offer that goes beyond a simple 10% off type of thing.  Think in terms of bonuses you can give - bonuses that have real value to the customer.  Also, MULTIPLE incentives for taking action right away are always a plus.  Bonuses combined with discounts can help to create compelling offers.

Lastly, and certainly equally important, is the acquisition of the people you market to.  Think about it, if you are a shampoo salesperson, would you waste your time and money marketing to the attendees of a "bald convention?"  (I can joke about that, because I've been losing my hair for years!)  NO!  You wouldn't, because you know that the market your targeting has no use or desire for your product!  (Okay, maybe the attendees of the bald convention WISH they needed your shampoo, but you get my point)....

You MUST make sure that your marketing and offer are very specific, and that they are targeting a specific group.  Then, you must make sure this group sees your marketing so they can respond.

So, how do you find the right people to send to?  There are so many ways....

First, approach a local business about doing an endorsed mailing.  This is so powerful, as it comes from the owner of the business to his or her client list.  Just make sure the business you go after to do the endorsed mailing with you has a client base that matches your target demographics.

Secondly, contact a list broker about getting a list of people in your area that fit your target market.  For example, for family photography, target home owners in a specific zip range that have 2 or more children under the age of 11, and an annual income of at least $150,000 or more.

Thirdly, of course, the location of your displays and exhibits.  Nothing works better than having displays in areas that your target market frequents.  Then, of course, have lift cards that they can take with them when they see your exhibit.  Very powerful.

The key is to take action, and to know that your marketing is not going to take care of itself.  Remember to pay attention to getting your marketing message out to the people you WANT as your clients.

I hope that helps for this hot-tip, and I look forward to publishing many more for you, so keep your eyes open!

Chuck Lewis


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