Come January, Will Your Photography Business Be "BLEEDING, SUFFERING, and Close To Death?"   Will You Feel Frustrated That People Aren't Calling, or Emailing, Or Showing Up To Be Photographed By You?   Will You Be CONFUSED - Not Knowing What Marketing To Do To Insure You Have A GREAT Year In 2014 (and well beyond)?

Dear Fellow Photographer,

If panic has started to set in, I understand.  Believe me, I do.   The photography industry is going through something right now that I call "The Forest Fire Rebirth Principle."   On the surface, this can seem like a TERRIBLE thing, but in reality, nearly every industry goes through it, and it happens FOR A GOOD REASON.

What is the "Forest Fire Rebirth Principle," and how does it apply to YOU as a photographer?

This principle is very simple, and it's nature's way of "restarting something" that is damaged and needs new life injected into it.   When a forest fire happens in nature, it seems this would be a bad thing.   But, in reality, this causes a rebirth of that area that causes life to flourish in new and better ways than before.

This can also happen in INDUSTRIES, and it's happening right now in PHOTOGRAPHY.

Photographers are falling by the wayside - they are going out of business, as this FOREST FIRE sweeps through the industry burning down photo business after photo business.   What's causing this "forest fire?"   Cheap digital cameras that ANYONE can afford, and makes them feel like a "pro."  Low-priced photographers popping up nearly everywhere.   People not understanding what sets a great photograph apart from a very mediocre one.   Photographers not understanding that, now more than ever, you have to STAND OUT with your marketing, or you'll never get a single client.  

What used to be 2 or 3 photographers competing for a market-share, now can be upwards of a dozen to sometimes 30 or more, all in one area, fighting it out for clients.

Now, despite many photographers struggling during this crazy time, there are photographers who are THRIVING.   Many of them.  This "forest fire" is taking out some businesses, but FEEDING others.  It doesn't seem completely fair, but it's the way this principle works, I'm afraid.

Why Are Some Photographers Showing Their Best Profits EVER, While Others (most) Seem To Be Struggling?  

I've devoted my life to answering THAT question.  I've been studying photographers all over the world, and throughout many recessions, and throughout this "digital revolution."   In my studies, I've discovered that there are 2 things (and only 2) that really separate the very successful photographers from the ones who are just scraping to get by:

Successful Photographers Use THE RIGHT MARKETING, And They Target THE RIGHT AUDIENCE With That Marketing.   (How Do They Do That?   I Have Discovered The Answers...) 

That's how the phone gets ringing - with people already wanting to work with you.   That's how the emails come in, not just asking what you charge, but asking how they can be sure to get on your "short list" to be photographed as soon as possible!    That's how photographers, like the one below, are able to afford beautiful homes, take lavish vacations, own cool cars, and donate money to charities that they are passionate about!


Making Over $600,000 PER YEAR,
All From Photography!

"This stuff is priceless!  It will save you years of trial and error, and quickly add BIG dollars to your bottom line!  Thanks to many of the techniques I have learned from Chuck, I have taken my studio to one that now does over $600,000 a year!   Chuck is the one who taught me this stuff, and I will thank him for the rest of my life for that!  I tell every photographer I know that they must listen and learn from him!

 - Dina Ivory -  Tallahasee, FL


When I ask struggling photographers what marketing they are doing, I usually get this type of response: "Well, I'm not really doing much.   I mean, I have my website.  And I blog and Facebook and stuff.   Sometimes I do, like, a postcard mailing, or something."

There's the problem.   There's the difference.   Conversely, when I ask what marketing the SUCCESSFUL photographers are doing, I get a very different response.   They are doing things differently than the "masses."   They are doing a focused and very targeted few things that boost their number of clients by upwards of 130%.  They are doing PROVEN and INEXPENSIVE THINGS, the correct way, and NOT wasting time or money on anything that doesn't work.   Well, unless they're "testing" something new, but they only do that after they've done the things already proven to work.

And Above All Else: They Do NOT Try To "Reinvent The Wheel," and Create The Marketing From Scratch.   Instead, They Use Marketing That Has Already Been Created, Tested, and Proven, So They Are Not Risking Time and Money.   Then, They Can Just Focus On The Photography!   What A Dream Come True...

Now - YOU HAVE A CHOICE.   You can follow the model that the successful photographers follow, or, you can keep going the way things are, and hope for the best.  

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I just wanted to thank you personally."

  -Jenny Wallace-Crouse - Kingwood, TX


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Have a wonderful rest of the week - talk more soon.

Charles J. Lewis
M. Photog., Cr.