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cj.standing6 Secret Tips and Techniques For Easily Improving Your Marketing & Sales Results

Here are some FAST TIPS you can use now to instantly improve the financial and creative state of your photography business:

1.  Turn up the emotional heat in your sales copy and phone copy.

    People invest in photography for EMOTIONAL REASONS.  So it's vitally important that you really turn on the emotion in your sales and marketing copy.

    The more emotional your words are in your sales letters, ads, brochures, testimonials, stories, etc. the more successful your marketing will be. 

2.  Pay a lot more attention to your past clients.  At least the really good ones.

    I talk about this all the time to my consulting/coaching students.  Your very BEST future clients will come from your best past clients.

    If you are not mailing to your past clients AT LEAST ONCE EVERY MONTH, then you are leaving HUGE SUMS OF MONEY ON THE TABLE!!!!   

    I recommend you send them a newsletter, and then a SEPARATE SALES LETTER which offers something very special to them.  (With a deadline, etc.) 

3.  Manage your own attitude. 

    Business is never either "good" or "bad" out there.  It's either "good" or "bad" between your own two ears.  Are you a voice of optimism?  Are you positive and excited about every day?  If not, your staff and your business are going to decline and not be nearly as successful as you would like.

    You MUST take responsibility for your attitude.  You must understand that how you dress, act and talk has a HUGE effect on your business, your staff, your profits, and your growth.

    That's why it's so important for you to plan, schedule and take the time every day to work on your plans, your goals, your attitude, and your future.  You, as the "captain of the ship" must be the one with all the vision.  You must be the one who leads the staff.  You must be the one who sees the "big picture" of where you all are going.

    That's why "PTS Time" is so important every day.  Start your day by spending (investing) time with yourself, your goals, your dreams, your things-to-do list, and your Journal.    Remember, as the first hour of your day goes, so goes your day.

4.  Manage your staff's assumptions, attitudes, and skills.

    If you have staff, it is your responsibility to invest time and effort in helping them to get better and better. 

    Better at selling and closing - through regularly scheduled training meetings - at least one every week!

    Better at representing you well - through setting a good example for them, and then speaking with them in your regularly scheduled staff meetings about the proper way to dress, speak on the telephone, etc.

    Better at helping you get where you want the company to go - again through your regularly scheduled staff meetings - at least one every week - where you share with them your vision and enthusiasm for the future, and how it will effect and help them improve.

5. Raise the prices and lower the volume.

    You are in a customized, specialized business.  You can't be all things to all people, and have the life-style and income you desire.  You might get the money, but you may lose your family because you work too many hours.  Or you may have lots of clients, but you won't be able to deliver the quality of product and service you need in order to charge the prices you want to charge.  You must strike a balance.

    The "secret" (in my opinion, and based on my experience) is to lower the volume, and kick up the prices, slowly and methodically.  I do not recommend you dramatically raise your prices over night.  It usually is better to do it slowly, but not too slowly.   As long as you have a good, salable, quality product, raising prices twice a year, 10% to 20% each time, year in and year out, you will find yourself earning top dollar in just a few short years.  It's all part of the "System" for building a high quality, high profit studio.

6.  The "elasticity of demand."

    This is a little known secret about really good marketing.  If you successfully create a huge demand for your services, then as you raise the prices, the demand will "stretch" and expand.  It will be elastic.  This means that as you raise the prices, your volume will continue where it was before, or even go up!  I proved this in my studio - even before I knew about this law of marketing.  It's absolutely true.  So don't let fear of losing business keep you from raising your fees.  Remember the "elasticity of demand."  Create a HUGE demand for your limited supply, then control the volume of work you do with the price.  It works, and works great.
    So there are six key points to greater happiness and profitability in your photography business.  I hope you will now TAKE ACTION on these eleven areas of your marketing and selling, as you will be thrilled with the results.

Go For It!  I'll talk with you in the next hot-tip!





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