For DAVID ZISER PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDENTS - Our Telephone SCRIPTS (or Telecharts) How You Can Get Copies Of Them Right Now - Delivered by Mail, Or DIGITALLY!

Dear Photographer,

I hope you enjoyed the webinar REPLAY video on behalf of David Ziser!  Whenever we present an event like this, we always get asked about our TELECHART telephone scripts for photographers.   Now, we offered a bit of a special deal (about $20 off during the LIVE webinar event) and although we can't extend that special offer beyond the live event, we've been asked to still give you a chance to get those telecharts so you don't have to create your own from scratch.

So, below, you'll see 2 options of how you can get your telecharts for yourself, still at a very good price!    But first.... do you mind if I ask you a quick question?

As a Photographer, Are you sick to DEATH of hearing this:

 "How much do you charge, and how many pictures do I get for that?  Oh, and do I get those on a CD too?"


"I'll have to check with my husband, and call you back."


"I'm just shopping around.  I'll call back if I need any more info."

Turning phone calls into BOOKED photographic sessions with HIGH average sales is a REAL TOUGH SPOT for most photographers - and it DOESN'T HAVE TO BE!  (and it never will be for you again... I'll see to that personally.

Here's the low-down:

I'm going to let you have access to my BEST-SELLING photography TELECHARTS - the telephone scripts I've created, perfected, and used over the last 40 years that have turned 78% of all calls that come into my studio into BOOKED sessions.  You can either have them shipped to your house, or you can download them directly from your computer as .pdf files (adobe acrobat).  You can copy them all you want for life, and use them every time you (or your staff) answers the phone.

What Are The TELECHARTS Exactly?

Have you ever wished that there was a simple script - something you could say to almost any client - - something you could use to respond to almost anything they could say on the phone - that would make it almost a sure-thing you would book them?

 That's exactly what these TELECHARTS are!

(To the left, you can see ONE of them - for Family Photography. That's just the cover, the REAL magic is inside.  I can't show you that here - it's top-secret!)

Over the past 40 years, I have compiled a list of nearly every objection, stall, and reason clients have given me NOT to book with me.  But that's not nearly enough.  No way.  I went the next step of coming up with responses to each and every one of those objections, stalls, etc., so that whenever one came up, I would know EXACTLY how to deal with it.

That all took about a year of work to do.  What I had to do next took me 27 years - no joke!

After I'd put all of this together, I spent the next 27 years in business PERFECTING those responses.  I tested them , tried rewording things, changed a sentence here, a word there, reworked entire sections of the telecharts, until I came up with the FINAL-VERSION ULTA-EFFECTIVE TELECHARTS I have today. 

And I created one for EACH TYPE OF PHOTOGRAPHY.  I had to do this, since there are so many differences between how you would sell someone on booking a family session vs. a children's session.  Or a graduating senior vs. a wedding.

I knew I needed to have a full unique telechart for all 4 major types of photography.  And now, you can have ALL 4 OF THEM as well.

These telecharts are, no exaggeration, my entire life's work on selling photography compiled into the easiest-to-use format I could ever conceive of.  Literally someone who knows NOTHING about photography could take these scripts, pick up the phone, and book sessions like a life-long pro.

How much should I be charging OTHER photographers to have these telephone scripts - the ones I've spent over half of my LIFE creating?   I'll tell you right now - I've been charging $2685 for them, as part of a major package I've offered.  

However, right now, for the DAVID ZISER Photo Students who are watching the WEBINAR REPLAY video he's posted, I'm giving you 2 different ways you can get the telecharts for less than $100 (one option MUCH less than $100) - the choice is COMPLETELY up to you:

CHOICE #1 (good buy) - You can get all 4 telecharts mailed out to you for just $99 including shipping.  (U.S. Orders ONLY, sorry).


CHOICE #2 (BEST BUY) - You can get all 4 telecharts DIGITALLY delivered, PLUS a bonus membership in our "Inner-Circle Photography Profits Online VAULT" full of audio programs, video programs, printed photography price lists to copy, and MUCH more (over 100 HOURS of material and constantly GROWING), for only $39 / month ($44 if you're outside the U.S.), as long as you want to stay a member!  (note, you may cancel ANYTIME, and you get to keep the .pdf TELECHART downloads forever - yours to continue to copy and use!  Also, for the $39, you get unlimited access to the "Inner-Circle Photography Profits Online VAULT", and you'll be charged only $39 ($44 international) for each month you want to stay a member - your membership cost will NOT go up.)


That's right, this means that, if you like, you can simply click on the link above, get the telecharts, and cancel your membership.  Then, you'll never pay anything more than the $39 for a product that is part of a system others have paid $2685 for over the years!  However, you'll want to take a look at all the other stuff in that "Inner-Circle Online VAULT" as well.  There's stuff on marketing photography, selling the photography after the session - even LIGHTING, POSING, and PHOTOSHOP videos!

Again, if you decide to cancel for any reason, no worries.  No hard feelings.  No questions asked.  And you may cancel by telephone, email, whatever works best for you.  It's that simple.

Whichever option you choose up above, you're getting an AMAZING deal on these telecharts.   Again, it's just $99 to have the telecharts shipped to you by MAIL (CLICK HERE)...

...or just $39 (and yes, you can cancel immediately, and only be charged the $39) to get the telecharts by DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, PLUS unlimited access to the "Inner-Circle Photographer's Online Vault" ( CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS NOW ). 

If you're frustrated that you're not booking those phone calls...

If you almost dread when that phone rings because you KNOW you need to book it, but have no sure-fire way to make it happen...

If you've wanted someone to just GIVE you the system for answering the phone (and do it for a STEAL of a price)...

Now is your chance.  The next phone call you turn into a booked session will EASILY pay for your entire investment many times over.

Take care, and keep going for that photography business you've always wanted!

Charles Lewis
M.photog., Cr.

PS - either $99 shipped to you in the mail, or just $39 for digital delivery ($44 if you're outside the U.S.).  At that price, there's no excuse to not try out these telecharts for yourself.   Will you be one of the confident photographers picking up the phone and hearing "Ca-CHING" on the other end as you book more sessions?   Or will you have to keep dealing with those frustrating objections and stalls, and hang up the phone wondering "what happened?"   The choice is up to you... 

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