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ISSUE #1 - "The 15 Secrets That LOCK Most Photographers Out Of The BIG-MONEY They Could Be Making!"

By Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog., Cr.

Dear Fellow Photographer,

 I want to welcome you to this E-NEWS series that is dedicated to helping you make more money with your photography!  After over 30 years in photography, and having invested countless thousands of dollars in studying OTHER INDUSTRIES, I want to share with you the major "secrets" that I have discovered, and how I have adapted the ideas to the photography industry - the result... HUGE PROFITS!

From One Photographer To Another:

How I Turned My Love For Photography Into A Ton Of Money In My Pocket: (and how this secret will work for ANYONE) -
               by Charles J. Lewis

    All I wanted to do was take great photographs.  That's all.  I didn't want to become a businessperson.  I didn't want to run my own company.  I just wanted to take my camera and my lighting equipment and my cool backgrounds and create images that would make my clients cry whenever they looked at them.  I wanted other photographers to look at my work and respect it.  I spent nearly every waking moment with either a camera up to my eye, or a photography book in my hands.  I ate, drank, and slept f-stops and shutterspeeds.

    Then, something happened that I will NEVER forget.

    I found myself with a mortgage to pay, a wife and two children who needed meals put on the table, and a photography business that was less about photography, and more about stress and fear.  I was working an average of 70 hours a week.  I felt like a "photo-factory" - I was just "cranking clients through" on a conveyor belt, snapping as many pictures in as short a time as possible, and hating the results.  I was sinking money I didn't have into advertising that didn't work.  I even spent $3460 IN ONE YEAR on a yellow page ad that only booked me one session!

    And what was even worse was:  I was beginning to resent photography.  It wasn't even fun anymore.

    I knew that if I didn't do something quickly, I would be stuck doing something I used to love, but had grown to dislike, for the rest of my life.  I couldn't let that happen.

    So, I made the decision that changed my life.  I resolved to discover, test, and perfect the secrets that the other 99% of all photographers in the world don't know.  I bought every book, every tape set, every video I could get my hands on about breakthroughs in marketing, selling, and making money.  I reviewed the materials endlessly - over and over again, until I could almost recite them from memory.  I listened to the audio tapes in my car everywhere I drove.  In fact, my radio was broken for over 3 years, and I never got it fixed because I was only using my tape deck and CD player.  I even listened to tapes and CDs every morning while in the shower (battery operated player, of course)!

   I became an EXPERT on PHOTOGRAPHY MEGA-PROFIT techniques.  The scary thing I realized was that ANYONE could learn these techniques if they wanted to.  ANYONE!  But I also understood that most photographers didn't learn this stuff because it didn't directly apply to the photography business.  The stuff I learned came from business geniuses in other fields, so I had to adapt it for my photography business.  That was hard work, but it paid off BIG TIME!

   Within one year of discovering and adapting these techniques, I went from dead broke to making over $115,000 PROFIT from my photography!

   You wouldn't believe the feeling of security that came from knowing I would never have to worry about money again.

   PLUS - my love for photography was totally reborn!  The stress was gone, and my creativity exploded!  I was able to take more time with my clients, because I was making so much more money from each one.  And my clients were more thrilled with the photographs than ever before.

   Then, I decided it was time to reveal the secrets I had learned to the rest of the photographic industry - at least those who were ready to learn them.

   You've heard the expression - "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  Well, I felt it was time to let the industry know what I had discovered, and for those photographers who were ready, it was time to reveal the big secrets that would make photographers more creative and much, much richer.

   Within one year, I realized that ALL the secrets to Mega-Profits in photography would work for NEARLY ANY PHOTOGRAPHER who used them, regardless of where they lived, what type of photography they did, who their clients were, or what type of equipment they used!

   I started by speaking at photographic conventions.  As much as I enjoyed talking about f-stops and shutterspeeds and depth of field, I was finding a handful (very large handful) of photographers who wanted to find out how to make big money from photography.  I guess word had gotten out that my photography business was doing very well.  The photographic industry is a small one, and word travels fast. 

   So, here I was talking about photographic techniques at conventions, and suddenly, I was being asked how I was making over $100,000 a year with my photography, working only 30 hours a week.  There was a real desire to learn what I had discovered. 

   In no time at all, I was being asked to speak at conventions all over the U.S. about the secrets to getting rich with photography.  Then, I embarked on what would become the heart of my success training career - SEMINAR TOURS.  My first tour consisted of only five cities.  I wasn't sure about what I was doing, so I thought I'd start small.

   That little five city tour almost killed me!  It was a ton of work!  But, I fell in love with the interaction with the photographers who came to learn the techniques I was teaching.  I even recorded some of these seminars on audio cassette, and made them available to photographers who wanted to learn the stuff, but weren't able to attend the classes.

I was AMAZED at the number of people salivating for these secrets!

   What started as a little five-city tour, over the next 10 years, became an annual 30-city whirlwind tour!  And, throughout my teaching career, I've continued to run a very successful and profitable studio, and create a library full of books, audio CDs, and DVDs passing on everything I've learned in 38 years in the business.

This is my legacy. This is what I want to leave behind.  Next to my wife and two children, the educational materials I've created are the things that are dearest to my heart.

   Now, I spend my days primarily doing photographic sessions, and consulting one-on-one with some of my best and most long-term students.  I'm deeper into the industry than I ever have been, as I'm talking to students, sometimes for up to 8 hours a day, helping them to make their photography businesses what they've always dreamed they would be - AND MORE!

   Why am I telling this?  Because I want you to know that you're not alone, and more importantly - YOU CAN MAKE THIS WORK.  I have yet to find a photographer anywhere in the country that can NOT make these secrets work once they take action and utilize them.  This is NOT magic.  It's not "get rich quick" BS - it's all about the proven ways to make great money doing what you love - PHOTOGRAPHY.  Now, if you haven't already, finish reading the 1st episode of your special photography money-making e-course to the left.  It will start you on some great secrets you can begin to use RIGHT NOW to make the big money you deserve in photography.

And, your next issue will be coming to your email box very soon!


 First, a quick story to make a point.  Last Saturday night, my wife Cheri and I decided to go see a movie.  (We really like movies, and see a bunch of them!)  When we got to the theater, it was mobbed! 

 Now, I have no idea why it was so busy that night, but that's not the point of this story...

 Finally, we decided that we didn't really want to sit in a sold out theater, with people crammed in everywhere, so we left, picked up some Chinese takeout, and watched a DVD at home.  We decided to go to the movie on a week night this week, instead.  (We really like to go to the movies on week nights, as the theaters are EMPTY!)

 I used exactly the same principle from this story, to build the studio of my dreams.  Let's talk about it.

 I chose the "road less traveled" to build a successful studio.  Just as Cheri and I chose the "road less traveled" when we left the theater and decided to go during the week instead.  Trust me on this.  There's gold in what we're going to talk about here!

 You dream of building a successful, well respected studio.  You want people to appreciate the work you do .  You want them to be thrilled with their images.  You want them to tell all their friends about you, and what a great photographer and artist you are.  Right?

 Well, my way isn't the only way, but I can assure you that my way works really well.  In my opinion, the easiest way to build the studio of your dreams, is to take the "road less traveled."  Look what "most average" photographers do, and then DON'T DO THAT! In fact, one of the best ways to be amazingly successful in photography is to do the OPPOSITE of what most photographers are doing! 

 You see, most photographers, bless their hearts, just aren't good at business.  They got into photography because they liked photography.  They honestly feel that if their work is "good enough" (whatever that is) then it will sell itself, and they will be successful.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.

 Yes, you do need a good, high quality product.  Of course.  But that's not even remotely the answer to how to be successful in photography.

  Here's a scary statistic!  The average photographer dies at the age of 50, divorced and broke.  So we certainly MUST take the "road less traveled" to be as different from the "average" photographer as possible!

So, what does the "average" photographer think and do, and how can we be sure we DON'T do that? 

THE 15 MAJOR MYTHS TO AVOID - These Are The BIG SECRETS That Make The Difference Between Success And Failure In Photography!

1.  "The better my photography is, the better my success" - This is the single biggest "wrong belief" that almost every photographer has.  We honestly, sincerely believe this until something happens to prove to us that it is completely wrong. 

 But this is "normal" thinking.  (But remember, Success Is Not Normal!)  We think we are "photographers" so we think that if we make our product really, really great, we will automatically be successful financially.

 Yes, you want to do everything you humanly can to make your product the very best it can be.   Yes, you want to be proud of your product and service.  Yes, you want your clients to love your work.

 But that, by itself, will not assure you of success.  But I know you already know this!  You also must be the best marketer ... the best salesperson ... and the best merchandiser of photographic services!

2.  "If my photography is good enough, it will sell itself." - This is almost a part of #1 above, but slightly different.  This is were you honestly think that if you can make this most incredible photograph ever seen, that it will not be necessary for you or your staff to "sell" it. 

 You probably already know what I'm going to say here.  But let's make sure.  Selling is not pressure.  Selling is not bad.  It's not trickery. You're never going to trick someone into buying something they don't want. 

 Selling, is "Finding Out What People Want, And Helping Them To Get It." It's NOT a bad thing.  It's a good thing!   It's vital to your success and happiness.  Who cares how good a photographer you are, if no one buys (invests in ) what you do?!

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  - Charles J. Lewis

3.  "I'm an artist, and refuse to learn how to market and sell.  That's pressure and trickery, and I'll have no part of it." - It's understandable to feel this way - for a minute or two.  Yes, you are an artist.  But who cares how good you are if no one knows you exist?  Marketing and selling are two of the most critical requirements for your success.  (And they are NOT pressure or trickery!)

4.  "If I'm good enough, they will tell all their friends, and I'll have all the business I need." - This is another very common wrong belief.  We honestly believe that all our clients will be so thrilled with what we do, that they will tell everyone, and we'll be swamped with business, and never have to do any real marketing.

 But you and I realize that an important part of your success is to create a huge demand for your limited supply, then control the volume of work you do with your price.  Most photographers have no idea about this.  They've never heard this, and certainly don't want to do any real marketing.

 And that's terrific!  They'll continue to complain about how bad business is, while you continue to use the latest and most innovative marketing secrets to create a HUGE demand for your photography.

5.  "The more photography I do, the more successful I will be." - This is the classic "More Syndrome."  We all are trapped in this one!  (Unless someone helps us to become aware of it!)  Since we were little, we have automatically believed that the more photos we do, the more successful we will be.  This is so incorrect, it's scary!  The "secret" to success is to do less - much less - and carefully pick those clients you WANT to work with, and earn maximum profits from each one of them!

6.  "If I just keep my prices a little lower than my competition, I'll have plenty of business.  I'll make my profits with the large volume of business I'll do." - This is another one of those horrible mistakes most photographers make!  We just don't have the training in business to realize how wrong this is!  The "secret" is to charge more for your work than most all of your competitors, and discover how to market and sell it (without pressure or trickery!)  This way, you can spend more time with each client, and make sure the work you do is the very finest that money can buy!  You'll have more profit with each client, and you'll be more proud of the work you are delivering.

7.  "All I want to do is take photos!" - This was one of the sayings I used to cry out all the time in the "old days" when I was working myself to death, and not making any real money!  I didn't want to have to deal with marketing, selling, pricing, merchandising, management, record keeping, etc.  So I starved!

8.  "The one with the most equipment and toys wins.  Anyway, a craftsman is only as good as his or her tools." - We are naturally interested in the equipment end of this business.  We like cameras and all the other gadgets!  But the honest fact is that we need to put way more time and money into discovering how to be more profitable, and run our studio so it doesn't run us, than we need to put more money into equipment.  In our deepest, depths of our souls, we know this is true!

9.  "Digital is the way of the future, so I'm going to get into it right now.  Have you seen what you can do with Photoshop?" - This is just another mistake that the "average" photographer makes!  He or she honestly feels that there will be more "success" and more money if they get into digital.  Now, my way isn't the only way, but I can honestly share this important point with you:  If you can't market and sell conventional "film" type of images, you won't be able to market and sell digital images, either!  The digital isn't going to make you any more money!  It's your business smarts that are going to make you more money!

10.  "The ideas and techniques Chuck teaches won't work in my area.  He doesn't understand my market area and my clients!" - It's "normal" to feel this way.  But let me honestly tell you that the principles of "HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY" that my methods use, are true for almost everyone, and almost every place on the planet!  No kidding.  This stuff really works.

11.  "The ideas and techniques Chuck teaches may work for others, but they won't work for me.  I could never do that." - This is a simple self confidence problem.  You can do this stuff.  I used to be so afraid and insecure, but I decided to discover how to market, sell, and price my work.  I did it, so I absolutely KNOW you can, too!  You simply have to FORCE yourself to discover the things that the failures don't want to learn!  (I know you've heard this from me before, but it's SO IMPORTANT, that I wanted to sneak it in again!)

12.  "I want everything to be easier.  This is seems like too much work." - All "average" photographers think like this!  They're always looking for the simple way.  Plus, if something requires even a little work, they will tend to shy away from it!  This is a HUGE killer of studios!  Yes, we want the easiest way, but those who are successful realize that it does require some effort!

13.  "If I let my clients take their "proofs" home, they'll show them to all their friends, and I'll get lots more business.  It's free advertising!" - This is a classic example of "cross thinking."  The photographer who suffers from "cross thinking" confuses the sales aspects of the business with the marketing aspects!  Once you have photographed someone, your responsibility is to do a wonderful presentation, on an emotional level (because people invest in photography for emotional reasons!)  Be careful not to "cross think" and try to make your originals or "proofs" do your marketing for you.  Marketing is marketing!  Selling is selling!  Don't mix them up!

14.  "I don't have the time to use the "System" that Charles discovered.  I don't have time to meet with my clients ahead of time.  And I certainly don't have time to project!  No way!" - I hear this one all the time!  "Average" photographers think like this constantly!  They're trapped in the "More Syndrome" and they can't even SEE a way out of it!  You know, on the other hand, that the way to growth and prosperity is to "take a step at a time, with a goal in mind!"  So you are constantly making small improvements in your "operating system" of your studio, to get you to the place you want to be!  The "average" photographer simply complains about how bad business is, and does nothing intelligent to change it!

15.  The "Average" photographer tends to take advice from people who are NOT where he or she wants to be! - The great Donald Jack taught me to NEVER TAKE ADVICE FROM ANYONE WHO IS NOT WHERE YOU WANT TO BE!  Before I learned that, I was allowing all sorts of people, who definitely were NOT where I wanted to be, to influence me!  You must be extremely careful of this yourself!  Never, ever, allow someone who is not where you want to be to influence your decisions!

 So there you have 'em.  The 15  Giant Mistakes and Wrong Thoughts that the "Average" photographer makes every day of his or her life!  Now what you want to do is NOT THINK LIKE THAT!

Your next e-course episode is going to be a big one!  Remember, Always "Go For It!"  I'll talk with you again in the next episode!

Charles J. Lewis

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Like the secrets I'm giving you in this e-course?  Well, you're going to love this...

I only have a small number of these FREE CD SETS in the office here (I produced 37 more sets than I needed recently), and therefore, the first 37 e-course members who want them can have them!  Yes, they are a $120 value, and they are FULL-LENGTH audio CDs that will play in any CD player, or computer...


  - Charles J. Lewis

BONUS AUDIO: "How To Take Control Of Your Time & Your Life As A Photographer!"

I, along with my son Todd (who has been working with me in my studio for 20 years this year) reveal the big secrets to managing your time in this 20 minute audio program.  Click the PLAY BUTTON below to listen now.