fancy.lift.card.dlHere Is Your "FANCY LIFT CARD" For Family Photography - BONUS! - PLUS Some CUSTOM EMAIL MARKETING!   (Digital Download)

Hello "Raider"!

Congratulations!   As part of your "Raid My Vault" Package, we're sending you this addtional bonus.

Legal copyright notice:   Please note that, as long as you are a "Raid My Vault" owner, you get FULL ACCESS & ABSOLUTE RIGHTS to this marketing piece for the rest of your life.   However, if you return the "Raid My Vault" package for any reason, your rights to this marketing piece will be discontinued.

TO DOWNLOAD & VIEW YOUR "Fancy Lift Card" & Emails:

Simply RIGHT-CLICK on the files below, and SAVE AS to your computer.  OR, you can LEFT-CLICK on the files, and open them directly from the website.

Fancy.FAMILY.LIFT.CARD.pg1Fancy LIFT CARD - Pg. 1 (Photoshop Document)

Fancy.FAMILY.LIFT.CARD.pg2Fancy LIFT CARD - Pg. 2 (Photoshop Document)

filedownloadFortune Cookie FOLLOWUP Email (MS Word Document)

filedownloadHoliday Special Email  (MS Word Document)

filedownloadGift Plaque Email (MS Word Document)

Todd LewisTodd.Sign

If you have any trouble with these files, send an email to, and let me know the problem you're having. 


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