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Join Us This Coming Wednesday ONLINE (no special computer program or hardware needed) As We Welcome DINA IVORY, An ULTRA-SUCCESSFUL Photographer Who Is Going To Reveal Her TOP 3 ONLINE MARKETING SECRET SYSTEMS For Bringing In Tons Of Clients FAST!   

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Section 1: "Children's Model Program That Brought In Over
$30,000 in ONE MONTH!   ALL DONE ONLINE - No Expensive Printing To Be Done!

      check-redThis amazing "Children's Model Program" she is using SERIOUSLY brought in over $30,000 in ONE MONTH!

      check-redSee everything - exactly how she does it - the ad, the website, the sales copy, and how the images are presented - EVERYTHING TOTALLY ONLINE - no expensive PRINTING needed! 

      check-redEven the ordering is all done online - it's as hands-off as I've ever seen, and there's no in-person sales presentation! 

      check-redIn a climate where many photographers are struggling to survive and thrive, Dina will show you EXACTLY how she's THRIVING right now - in the summer of 2010!

Section 2: "Dina's secrets to using EMAIL MARKETING To Bring In Huge Profits!
(includes one campaign that brought in $11,880 in 2 days, and another that brought in $4,374 in 1 day!   YOU SEE IT ALL!)

      check-redDina walks you through her great techniques for using emails as a powerful marketing tool.

      check-redSee an email she sent out that brought in $11,880 in just TWO DAYS! Nothing held back - you see it ALL!   Feel free to use this secret for yourself as well, since she's going to show you the whole email - everything that brought in that fast money in just 2 days!

      check-redSee an email that brought in $4,374 all by itself in just one day!  Yes - copy this one as well, and rock and roll with it!

      check-redThe key here is - you get to see her latest emails that look fantastic and work like magic!  NO SECRETS KEPT HIDDEN!

Section 3: "LATEST FACEBOOK MONEY-MAKING SECRETS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS - How Dina Uses Facebook As An Extremely Powerful Marketing Tool!"

      check-redDiscover Dina's "Secret Weapons" for using Facebook as an amazing, FREE marketing tool.

      check-redSee some of her most effective posts on Facebook!

      check-redFan Pages vs Profile Page - which is most effective?

      check-redGET TONS OF FRIENDS - FAST!  3 Powerful ways to build FB friends/fans quickly and easily!

      check-redBusiness vs. personal posts - what are her secrets?

      check-red and much, much more.... Dina is cramming a LOT of great secrets into 1 1/2 hours - NO B.S., no time for idol chatting.   This event is going to bring the house down!   Check it out (along with 28 days of UNLIMITED access to our entire Photography Inner-Circle membership site) for only $1...

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Wednesday, June 2nd
from 1:00pm - 2:30pm Eastern Time ONLY

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