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BY DEMAND - The Buzz About This Event Was So Positive, We've Decided To Present It Again -
Today, MAY 12th, 1:00pm thru 3:00pm EASTERN TIME ONLY!

Three Mystery Guest Photo Experts Reveal The ACTUAL REAL SECRETS They Are Using RIGHT NOW To Make Thousands Of Dollars PROFIT Per Month



(Featuring 3 GUEST PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPERTS Revealing Their BIG SECRETS for Bringing in BIG MONEY Week After Week, Year After Year - All From Photography!)

Because I Have Convinced 3 Of The Real MOVERS-AND-SHAKERS In The Photo Industry To Reveal THEIR Secrets On This Event, I Had To Agree To Only Let A Few Of My Students Attend ONLINE For FREE.   Now Is Your Chance.

(I'll need to charge other photographers at least $500 to attend, so if you want in for FREE right now, here's your chance.)

(Tuesday, May 12th,
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Eastern Time ONLY)


cj.standing.2Dear Fellow Photographer,

Okay, I've been wanting to do this for a long time now, and I'm finally making it happen!  I'm so excited that I was able to get all three of these Big Photographic Money-Makers on this ONLINE conference at the same time!  Don't wait to get signed up for free right now.

 For years I've wanted to do an "Experts Reveal All" event for some of my students, where I invited some of the leading photographers in the country to share their biggest secrets they're using to make big money every day in photography - right now.  This event is FREE for right now, but I can't let you in for free for long.  I only have 123 total free slots open for this ONLINE CONFERENCE.  That means, that it will fill up fast, and I will be forced to turn many photographers away. (or at least charge them $500 each to sign up!)

All That's Needed To Get You Signed Up Is Your Name & Email Address:

These Mystery Guest Photo Experts Have Agreed To Give You Unparalleled Access To Their Biggest Secrets During This ONLINE Photo Conference.

checkIf you're wondering what THE MOST SUCCESSFUL photographers are doing out there, right now, in the Spring of 2009, to bring in INSANE SUMS OF MONEY with their photography businesses...   THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU.

checkIf you've noticed a MAJOR drop in qualified clients calling you and booking with you... THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU.

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checkIf you're getting sick of hearing from photographers that "the economy is terrible, and there's nothing we can do about it"... THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU.

Well, that's why we've put together this FREE (for now) MYSTERY GUEST EXPERTS EVENT.  To help you sleep at night, knowing that your photography business is making you the type of living you've always wanted (and the living you DESERVE)!

Starting RIGHT AFTER YOU SIGN OFF FROM THIS EVENT, you'll be able to begin taking actions that have the potential to boost your PROFITS by 50% - 200% almost immediately.  I'm big on IMMEDIATE ACTION.  I don't believe in trial and error or implementing things that will take years to show a profit.

OUR GUEST EXPERTS SPEAK OUT!  Here's What They'll Be Revealing During This Online Event On MAY 12TH ONLY:

    When this Guest Photo Expert was approached about revealing ALL during this event , she had so many secrets to share, we had to pick the best-of-the-best!


    Here's just some of what she's going to reveal to you:

    check1.  She will show you a special FAMILY & CHILDREN promotion she did that made her $25,000 IN INSTANT SALES - and she only sent out 40 inexpensive marketing pieces!

    check2.  She's agreed to show you an ACTUAL SALES LETTER she sent out to prospective clients to bring in some FAST CASH without having to spend much money at all!

    check3.  Discover her entire "THRILL THE PROSPECT" system - a 5-PART proven system unlike any other I've ever seen!   INCLUDES the "ART OF FAMILY" beautiful mailing piece, as well as 4 other great secrets.  This one system brings her in more money than you can imagine, and she's going to show it all to you!


    This guy is a photo ROCK-STAR!   He's doing some things that are going to knock your socks off.   And he's agreed to reveal some secrets that you can take IMMEDIATELY and see some fast results from.

    Here's just some of what he's going to reveal to you:

    check1.  He's going to SHOW you his single BIGGEST & BEST way for bringing in a flood of new clients RIGHT NOW - FAST - without spending a ton of money.   This is a secret many photographers have been asking about for years, and this MYSTERY expert is going to reveal all!

    check2.  This guy has utilized an amazing 3-STEP CLIENT-ATTRACTING mailing system that is about to turn the photographic industry on its head!   Once you discover this system (one that less than 2% of all photographers even know about), you will be on your way to bringing in the kind of money this MYSTERY EXPERT is bringing in.

    check3.  This Guest Photo Expert will reveal his "COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP" program that gets his home town practically selling his photography for him!  Imagine just sitting back and having the phone ring with clients practically BEGGING you to photograph them - that's what this program has done for this expert!   It'll do the same for you, once you discover the secret!


  • An amazing SENIOR marketing expert, this guest will give you secrets you can take action on right now - things that will blow away your photo competition, and will give you a "leg-up" on getting those great clients NOW!
  • Here's just some of what she's going to reveal to you:

  • check1.  "The Magic Senior Marketing & Booking CRASH-COURSE" - This expert is... well... exactly that - and EXPERT at bringing in tons of money from Senior Photography .   During this event on May 12th ONLY, she's going to SHOW you this entire crash-course, and reveal how you can use it to make more money than you ever thought possible from graduating seniors!
  • check2.  She's going to SHOW you her most effective and profitable senior marketing BROCHURE - the one that is making her tons of money while other photographers are really struggling.

    check3.  How she convinces people to hire her, even though she is not an inexpensive photographer.


REMINDER:  The Number Of Photographers We Can Allow In On This Event For FREE Is STRICTLY LIMITED to ONLY 123!  So, Don't Wait To Get Your Spot Reserved, Or You May Need To Invest $500 To Attend.  (Only your name and email address are needed to get signed up now.) 

Below is a simple form for you to fill out - this is all we'll need to get you on that online event.

(no telephone needed - All Online - Attend By Watching & Listening On Your Computer):
Tuesday, May 12th ONLY
1:00pm - 3:00pm EASTERN TIME -

After you sign up, you will be informed whether you're spot is reserved, or if the event is already full.  We'll email you with your own unique and personal LINK to use to get in on this event on May 12th.

Mark May 12th on your calendar, and I'll join you as we get all these great secrets from the Mystery Guest Photo Experts...

m.photog., cr.

NOTE:  If you have ANY trouble signing up, simply send an email to charles@cjlewis.com, give us your first and last name, and let us know you want to sign up for the Event.

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