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Getting The Word Out About YOUR Photography Business!previous

by:  Charles J. Lewis
M. Photog., Cr.


     In my last Quick Tip, I talked about 5 powerful ways to get people to call you now and hire you now - regardless of this recession.

     Now, let's talk about how to get the word out to everyone about those special offers, etc . - without it costing you an arm, leg or shutter hand!

Here's 3 Powerful Ways To "Get The Word Out" To Prospects & Clients About Your Limited Time Special Offers We Talked About In The Last Quick Tip:

1.  Without a doubt, the single most powerful, effective way to contact people you want to work with, AND GET THEM TO RESPOND NOW is to call your "VIP'S".  Now, when I say "VIP'S" I'm referring to those people who have worked with you before .  This is the most important and overlooked list of people by most photographers! 

 Most photographers are constantly trying to figure out how to get to NEW prospects - while they ignore those people who have bought from them before.  Big Mistake.

 So, what you do is "segment your list" of VIP'S.  You go through the list, and pick those people you really would love to work with again.  Those who invested the most with you in the past.  Those who were such nice people.  Those who really loved what you did for them.  You get the idea.

 Then you simply call them and let them know how much you enjoyed working with them in the past.  No "sales pitch" - no nothing.  Just be kind, friendly and appreciative.  Ask how their family is doing.  Ask what's new with them... etc.  And then, after all that, you mention to them this amazing special offer you're having, ..., etc.

 Out of these calls, you will get NEW BUSINESS!  Do it - you'll see.

 And don't forget to do email blasts to your VIP's and also "snail mail" mailings to them.  These are the best people on the planet to be contacting about your special offers - RIGHT NOW.

 And don't get caught up thinking that you don't have very many VIP's and therefore it's not worth the effort to be contacting them.  It doesn't take very many to make you a LOT of extra money you otherwise would not have had!

 But what if you don't have any "VIP's" - then what do you do?

 2. The second best way to "get the word out" about your special offers and discounts  - and the least expensive way, by the way - is to get free displays and exhibits of your photography all over town.  Get them up in restaurants, office buildings, hair salons, movie theaters, malls, banks, etc.

 This is enormously powerful.  Why?  Because, if you do this correctly, those people who LIKE what you are creating will CALL YOU or email you.  And those people who do NOT LIKE what you are doing won't call or email you.

 This way, you're only talking with people on the phone, or through e-mail, who actually LIKE and RESPECT what you do!  This makes booking them much easier for you.

 So, now, when these people call you or email you, you tell them all about your special discount offer you're having, etc.

 You also put "LIFT CARDS" on your displays that talk about the special offer you're having right now, with the DEADLINE, and then the Lift Card tells them exactly what to do next.  (Call you, or go to your website, email you, call your recorded message hot line, etc.)

  3.  A third way to "get the word out" about your special offers and discounts to the people you want to know about them, is to "become a big fish in a small pond". By this I mean you carefully pick a "target group" of people who you want to make a big impression on.

 The single biggest mistake I see photographers making with their marketing and advertising is they are trying to market too big .  Most photographers don't have the budget to be able to have any significant impression on everyone in their area - so the result is the marketing they do totally fails. 

 What I have done, and what I'm recommending you do as well, is to select a group of people, which is small enough, and specific enough, that you can actually make an impression on them - through snail mail, email blasts, exhibits, etc.  This way, you become that "big fish" in that specific small "pond."

 In my next "Quick Tip" I'll talk about how to select this "small pond" of target people you want to concentrate your marketing and advertising efforts on for greatest effect.


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