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If you are not THRILLED with this "Raid My Vault" package and the profits it brings in for you for any reason, simply send it back to us within 30 days, and you won't be charged anything.

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If for ANY reason within 12 months you decide you don't want to keep this package, simply send it back for a full refund.  No questions asked.  Period.  No matter why you send it back, I will refund all your money.  You literally are not risking ONE CENT to "raid my vault."

GUARANTEE #2:  "7 Times Profit Promise!" - Once you receive this package in the mail - simply choose one of the marketing pieces I've designed for you.  Change my name to yours, put your photos in it, and send it out.  If you don't make 7 TIMES the amount of money you spent on that mailing IN PURE PROFIT, simply send back the package, along with proof of the mailing, and I'll refund all the money you invested with me.  I'll give you 12 months on this guarantee as well.

GUARANTEE #3:  "9 Month $57,500 PROFIT Guarantee" -   If over the course of the next 9 months, you use at least 4 of the marketing pieces I've given you, and you don't make AT LEAST $57,500 profit as a direct result of using them, simply send me proof of those 4 mailings along with your "Raid My Vault Package," and I will refund your entire investment for the package. .


Again, you have absolutely NOTHING to lose here - and you have SO MUCH to gain.   If you use just ONE of the hundreds of ideas in this package, and that idea brings in a consistent extra $3000 per month, how much will this be worth over the lifetime of your studio?   A LOT!   And if you don't like it, just send the package back, and pay nothing other than the $13.50 shipping.

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