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  • check-redThe cost of the Inner-Circle membership and ONLINE VAULT will be going up VERY soon!  If you stay a member, you will be LOCKED IN at your current price, so you'll never pay more!  If you cancel now, and IF you are allowed to re-join , you will have to pay the new higher price (to be fair to everyone).
  • check-redWe're doing new MEMBERS-ONLY WEBINARS every month - these events are FULL of the latest secrets, and will only be available to Inner-Circle Members.  If you cancel now, you'll never even know about these events!
  • check-redYou're guaranteed to get at least one great new idea every month that will MORE THAN PAY for your membership.   If we don't deliver, you let us know by emailing, and we'll give you 6 MONTHS MEMBERSHIP FOR FREE! 
  • check-redWe're bringing other great photographers - the real MOVERS-AND -SHAKERS to you through our monthly audio CDs and webinars - discover their secrets to making profits in photography - are you sure you want to miss those?

    check-redThe world is FULL of negative people and influences.   The Inner-Circle is all about the POSITIVE - the stuff that DOES work (and is proven to work) - the stuff that will keep you motivated and moving toward having the photography business of your dreams.    You are probably mere steps away from reaching the heights with your photography - don't make the mistake of stopping when you're so close.   We are here to help you get there - and you WILL get there.   Just don't stop now.

If you still feel you need to cancel, no hard-feelings.    Just fill out the form below, and we'll get you taken care of.

-Charles Lewis
M. Photog., Cr.

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