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Here's just some of what you will SEE & DISCOVER during TODAY'S LIVE ONLINE CONFERENCE (Since It's ONLINE, We Can SHOW You Visuals!):

SECTION 1:  "The Latest Marketing Secrets For This Economy"

I'll be revealing the best and most effective marketing to be doing RIGHT NOW, during this crazy economy.  Secrets include:

check5 simple steps to doubling your profits in the next 30 days or less - guaranteed - even in this recession

checkThe 4 most powerful, proven, FREE (or almost free) ways to get your phone ringing right now - between now and Memorial Day - with people who want to hire you - even during this Recession

checkThe one list that virtually guarantee's a great response - even in this recession - and you don't even need to mail to them to get them to work with you! Here's how...

SECTION 2:  "The Best SALES Techniques For 2010 And Beyond"

I'll break down all the walls, and reveal EXACTLY how to present your images, WITH TODAY'S LATEST TECHNOLOGIES - the secrets that can increase your average portrait or wedding sale by 70%, INSTANTLY.  Secrets include:

checkWhat are the LATEST & MOST EFFECTIVE Technologies to present images TODAY?  I'll reveal what software to use, what viewing technology to use, and more!

check5 easiest ways to book someone who calls you asking about your prices - turn them into booked sessions RIGHT NOW!

check3 amazing discoveries that change everything during this recession!

check7 proven recession-busting secrets for booking more clients and selling more photography now!

SECTION 3:  "LATEST Internet Marketing Secrets REVEALED"

My son (and web GENIUS) Todd will reveal the best ways to bring in customers with the web - including use of Google Adwords, email marketing, addition of FREE audio and video, and more. 

Todd is putting this amazing section together himself, and he hasn't even told me all the great secrets he's going to reveal.  I can't wait to hear it myself!

DO NOT WAIT - The Event Is Either Starting In Just A Few Minutes,Or Is Already In PROGRESS!   (start time is 1:00pm Eastern Time)... 

Discover The Latest, Greatest Marketing & Sales Secrets for your photography business!

I will talk with you in just a few minutes!

Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog., Cr.

(your information will never be sold or shared with anyone for ANY reason)

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