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OUR 90-MINUTE LIVE INTERNET CONFERENCE Will Pull Back The Curtain On The Secrets RICH Photographers Are Using NOW To Make GREAT MONEY - Even During These "Trying" Economic Times! 
- Charles Lewis


INCLUDES LIVE Question & Answers From Members.   Submit A Question DURING the live event - We'll Be Answering The Pressing Questions Photographers Have Right Now!

INCLUDES LIVE Polling - Find out where other photographers stand, and what they are doing, through our LIVE POLLING during the event!

"The Photography Industry & Economy Has Changed, And It's Leaving HUNDREDS Of Photographers In The Dust...  However, HUNDREDS Of Other Photographers Are Actually THRIVING And Doing Better Than Ever Right Now - Want To Know What THEY Are Doing To Make Great Money In Photography Right Now?"

Dear Photographer,

Why am I doing this LIVE internet photography summit (or WEBinar, as they are known) - and why am I letting you in for FREE?  Because you are one of my "Inner-Circle Money-Making Group" members (if you're NOT a member, you can get signed up now for $1 - read on) and you deserve to be kept in the loop about the latest secrets for making great money in photography, especially during these tough economic times!

I KNOW FOR A FACT that, while so many photographers are complaining about this economy, there are still photographers who are THRIVING - doing GREAT business - and making TONS of money right now.  Why is that?  What are they doing differently?    I'm going to reveal all the secrets during this WEBINAR!

Want to hear from a few photographers having great successes right now?   HERE YOU GO:


LISTEN To What TAMMY GRIFFIN - A Photographer in Ocala, Florida Has To Say:
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"I Do Exactly What You Say, And I Get The Results You Promised!  This Year, I Raised My NET PROFIT 17% - Getting A $5000 to $8000 Average Sale!"  

Listen To The Rest Of Her Story Above!

-Tammy Griffin - Ocala, FL



LISTEN To What David Emberling - A Photographer in Weston, CT Has To Say:
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"Before I Started, My Average Portrait Sale Was Around $400.  Since Then, It Has Gone Up To An Average, Last Year, Of $1700!"  
Listen To The Rest Of His Story Above!

-David Emberling
Weston, CT


WOULD YOU LIKE THE SECRETS TO MAKING PILES OF CASH FROM PHOTOGRAPHY, RIGHT NOW, IN THE FALL OF 2009 & Well Beyond?  Want To Discover The Hidden Secrets The THRIVING Photographers Are Using That No One Else Seems To Know About?  Then This LIVE Webinar Is Going To Surpass Your Expectations.


SECTION 1:  "The Latest Marketing Secrets For This Economy"

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checkThe 4 most powerful, proven, FREE (or almost free) ways to get your phone ringing right now - between now and the Holidays - with people who want to hire you - even during this recession

checkThe one list that virtually guarantee's a great response - even in this recession - and you don't even need to mail to them to get them to work with you! Here's

SECTION 2:  "The Best SALES Techniques For 2009, 2010 And Beyond"

I'll break down all the walls, and reveal MY EXACT BEST TECHNIQUES - the secrets that can increase your bookings by up to 78% INSTANTLY.  Secrets include:

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SECTION 3:  "LATEST Internet Marketing Secrets REVEALED"

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checkAUDIO / VIDEO ON SITE - how to create cheap and fast videos that can increase your online bookings


checkNEW - Four powerful weapons that will explode your profits between now and the NEW

checkNEW - Important points on PRICING you MUST hear right now - to avoid making a huge mistake in your photography business.

It's October of 2009, and you've noticed the changes in the industry, haven't you?  You've probably felt like this economy is drying up all the clients who might be looking for photography. 

SHOCKING TRUTH:   There ARE still a lot of people out there looking for great photography - you just need the system to use to find them, and get them to hire you.   That's what we're going to reveal during this event.

You've probably noticed more and more potential clients complaining about what you charge, and then wanting EVERYTHING under the sun - including all the photos on CD so they can just do whatever they want with them.

SHOCKING TRUTH:   You do NOT have to be a slave to your customers - doing whatever it takes to get them in the door.   There is a MUCH better way, and we'll be revealing that in great detail during this event.

YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE FEELING THE PINCH.   However - There are HUNDREDS of photographers who are REAPING THE REWARDS of their photography businesses right now.  What secrets are they using?

Right now, it can seem like photography is NOT an easy business.  I know how you may feel - I've been through 4 MAJOR RECESSIONS before, and I've survived them all. This makes number five, and I'll survive (and thrive) through this one as well. 

SHOCKING TRUTH:  In fact, it can actually be almost EASIER now than ever, because most photographers will NOT be using these "RECESSION-BUSTING" secrets you're going to discover on October 27 when you attend this FREE WEBINAR.

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NOTICE:  The secrets I'll reveal on this INTERNET SEMINAR are designed to be "QUICK-START" secrets, so you can implement them, and reap the rewards from them, right away - NO YEARS OF TRIAL AND ERROR!

This WEBINAR is NOT going to be full of boring THEORY and FLUFF & FILLER.  No way - none of us have time for that - you don't, and I don't. 

My son Todd and I are crafting a WEBINAR that is going to give you real MEAT & POTATOES - secrets you can sink your teeth into IMMEDIATELY, so that you start seeing results and huge profits right away.  When you log off after this event, you'll feel energized, and you'll have an arsenal of proven secrets at your fingertips ready to start making you money - FAST! 


Once you register with your name and email address,  we will email you back with your own PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL CONNECTION CODE and simple instructions YOU NEED TO GET INTO THE WEBINAR.


I will talk with you on Oct. 27th at 1:00pm EASTERN TIME!!!

Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog., Cr.

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