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Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 - 1pm Eastern Time - Duration - 90 MINUTES

It's The NEW YEAR - And It's Time For A NO B.S., Straight-Forward, SYSTEM-DRIVEN "2013 Photography Business & Marketing Plan" That YOU Can Implement Starting RIGHT NOW To Insure That 2013 Is Your Best Year EVER In Photography!   This LIVE EVENT Will Give You The Keys You'll Need To Make That Happen, And Make It Happen FAST!

Who SHOULD Attend This LIVE Event
(for Free):

1.  If you make, or want to make, between 50% and 100% of your income all from photography.

2.  If you've been doing photography AS A BUSINESS for any length of time, or have WANTED to start a photography business. (These secrets are geared toward ANY photographer, relatively new or seasoned-pro, who wants to insure a better income this new year.)

3.  If you run your photography business out of your home, a storefront studio, an office building, or just about anywhere.

4.  If you're frustrated or scared about the MAJOR changes that have happened in the photographic industry over the last 5 years, and want to know the best ways to move forward - FAST.

5.  If you KNOW in your heart that you should be doing more things (or smarter things) to insure your business is THRIVING, regardless of where you live, what the economy is like, or how much other photographers are charging.

DIGITAL ONLINE WORKSHOP OUTLINE - Here's What You'll Discover During This Event - LIVE:

check-red A DEADLY mistake photographers made in the late part of 2012, and leading into 2013 - one that will destroy their photo businesses by March or April.  How will YOU avoid this mistake?   We will reveal it to you, and make sure you avoid it at all costs!   We'll even give you an alternative approach that is nearly guaranteed to make you VERY profitable.

check-redOne of the all time most effective ways to get highly qualified people into your photo business starting in January of 2013.   (FAST ACTION ITEM!)

check-redThe latest 2013 secrets for using FACEBOOK, Social Media, Groupon-style Marketing, and photographic website design to find the THOUSANDS of people out there who desperately will want to hire YOU as their photographer.  This is so easy to do, if you know the right way to use the internet to pull these people to you - like a moth to a flame!

check-redAn amazing "2013 MARKETING FORMULA" for finding, attracting, and BOOKING great clients throughout the entire year!   This will drive people to you who are happy to pay your fees & who love what you do! (Actual Formula Revealed In Detail - right near the beginning of this live event!)

check-redOne of the all time most amazing "TECHNOLOGY-DRIVEN MARKETING TOOLS" that I believe will hit its PEAK in about mid-2013, and how you can capitalize on it's power during this PEAK TIME!  (FAST ACTION ITEM!)  

check-redA powerful, proven "Photo-Marketing SUPER MAGNET" which has proven even more effective in the last two years than ever before in history - and will remain a MUST for all successful photography marketers in 2013, for sure!   You will be surprised at the fact that this SUPER MAGNET has been sitting in front of you nearly every day of your life, and you have not known how to use it to attract those clients to your photo business like a magnet attracts paperclips.    We'll show you how to use it - LIVE!

check-redA little known secret that almost no photographers know about, that if used correctly will double or triple the effectiveness of your photography marketing - in less than 1 hour - for free!

check-redA powerful "Photography Marketing Discovery" that will grow your photography business NOW, while other photographers are complaining & dropping like flies.  You'll start your 2013 off with a marketing BANG as you implement this incredible CLIENT & PROFIT GENERATING secret!

check-redLIVE Q&A - where you can ask your most burning questions LIVE, and we'll answer them.  NOTE, we may run a few minutes past 2:30pm to answer as many questions as possible.

This event happens this THURSDAY, Jan. 3rd - at 1pm Eastern Time - SHARP!   Get signed up now, and we'll reveal these major secrets to you then!

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